Love is in the air, everywhere I look around, love is in the air, every sight and every sound, or so the song says….

Well, it’s finally here— the one day a year where your guy actually pays attention to the lingerie you have on, and not the fastest way to unhook it with one  hand, where lovers actually talk to each other at dinner, and people actually buy cards, not emails for each other— remember the hallmark store ?

As Valentines Day approached, I as usual, find myself somewhere stuck between cynical New Yorker, and lovey-dovey girlfriend, acting cool while secretly planning date night, what my clever hallmark card will say and whether or not to splurge on the Victorias secret set from the slutty hearts collection. Have you ever noticed how some of those outfits shown on the Victorias secret mannequins could double as party wear at the bunny ranch in Nevada— well, to each his own…

And yet, it’s hard to stay cynical, when sometimes it seems that love really IS following you, finding signs in the most unlikely of places…. Or maybe it’s just me seeing things with love colored glasses on- and though I am no connoisseur of mental imagery… you be the judge

As for actually caring about Valentines Day and ruining my unaffected outward vibe, it will just be our little secret….








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