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Although I haven’t really shared too much about the behind the scenes of what has been going on, in real life, the planning and eventual launch of the Beecharmernyc collection has been a long time coming, back to almost eight years ago, when I started selling it out of mine and my mother’s apartment on Ebay.

I would sit in her room for hours, digging through her charms collections, like an archive at a musuem, planning bracelets, and packing up piles of charms into ziploc bags to later photograph, detail and sell on Ebay. Back then, I was just a girl playing with my mom’s jewelry, and hoping to make some vacation money out of it. I became a girl with a dream, and then slowly after that, a girl with not only a dream, but a passion. A dangerous, and occasionally successful mixture. I never imagined that the dream of turning those baggies into a business would ever come to fruition, and now that it finally has, I’m so excited to share it with all my readers, and the rest of the world.

Beecharmer Nyc is not just unique simply because of the vintage pieces in the collection; items rare in quantity, and still cool enough to be relevant. It’s not just the prices; some of the most affordable sterling silver on the web, with identical necklaces costing double at many department stores and boutiques. It’s the passion. Behind each charm lies a story. A theme, a genre, a purpose, and a person with a fetish, hobby, or passion of their own just waiting to claim it. Each bracelet can mean something different to someone else.

When I was a little girl, watching my mother put together bracelets, grasping at jump rings, and silver hooks, I saw the care she took putting each charm on the chain. Which customer was that for, what did she love? I didn’t know, but I knew that as much care as I saw my mom take, someone else was getting ready to take that same care into cherishing that bracelet. I would accompany her to little sales meetings at hip nyc boutiques, where dozens of custom bracelets would exchange hands. My mom’s laugh always penetrating through the walls of each of those memories, and watching the bracelets move into the little display cases as we left the stores, I never imagined that one day the collection would be mine.

With that, I am elated to announce the arrival of the new Beecharmernyc collection. Though bittersweet that the inspiration and reason for it all is not able to witness it’s rebirth, it’s in her spirit that the jewelry goes on now. I will work hard to continue the legacy, hoping and knowing that somewhere besides me, someone is giving me a little charm along the way.


Beecharmernyc is your destination for sterling silver, vintage, and amazing charms, featuring an array of items including necklaces, bracelets and pins, ranging from $20 up to $350 for custom designs. Shop for a friend, find a bridesmaids gift, or design your own custom bracelet using Mix and Match.

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