Lay it On Thick ~ 6 pieces, 7 Ways

This is the time of year when the island of Manhattan is filled with gingerbread lattes, christmas music high and low, and newly put up decorations everywhere you look. And yet recently, the atmosphere has felt less apropos,  and more like the middle of spring. The balmy weather experienced throughout the city has harkened more of a call to season, then being in the thick of the holiday spirit. And while I wince in surprise at walking around in December without a coat on, I welcome the unusual change in temperature, if even for a week. Because I know that, like so many things in life, and in this city, it won’t last for long.
While it does though, it welcomes the brief resurrection of that which we thought we’d stored away. I broke out a favorite summer dress, a little white H&M lace number, and relished in walking around with only a camo jacket on.
The mild weather also warrants a call to creativity. By going into your closet, instead of your wallet or bookmarked shopping tabs, you can find old items to wear in new ways. By mixing, matching and playing around with layering, you can create brand new looks perfect for a little indian summer.
I tried my hand at this, taking 6 top favored pieces from my closet, and created 7 looks. By simply adding a pair of leggings, (like my favorite Duane Reade pair) you can change a whole look,  or add an unexpected, but practical twist like a chunky sweater over a mini dress. The layer creates a whole new look, easily interchangeable with cute flats, or thigh high boots. That’s a good forecast, no matter what season it is.

#fall #layering #sweaters



#fall #sweaters #layering #fashion


#fall #sweaters #layering #fashion


#fall #sweaters #layering #fashion

#fall #sweaters #layering #fashion

White Dress, H&M. Black Leggings, Duane Reade, $10. Camo jacket, Forever 21, $30. Tan cowl neck sweater, BcbgMaxAzria, Bronze sequin flats, Dv Dolce Vita. high gray boots, Kmart, $25.


Lay it on THick - 6 Pieces, 7 Ways

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