Laces out~ 5 fun ways to wear shoelaces

Did you know you can do more with your shoelaces than just use them to tie your shoes? They can be used in your hair, as a belt, and even as a necklace! (If you should be so bold, or crazy like me). Since I somewhat get my jollies from using something for a different purpose, here are five ways to wear shoelaces you may not have thought of yet.

1. Try them As a belt

DSC_02792. Wear them as a hair accessory. Wrap one in a bow around your bun…


Or tie it into your braid for an etheral, and funky effect…

img_18303. Keep it simple as an easy headband. Tie a loop and keep your hair tied back with a brightly colored shoelace in place of your headband.


4. Make a new accessory. Tie two laces together in a bow around your collar for a bow-tie inspired style, or leave it untied, and fasten with a vintage pin.


5. Jazz up a pair of worn sneakers and give them new pop for summer! I added them to a pair of H&M boys sneakers, and they happened to match even better then the laces they came with!

As also seen HERE 

H&M shoelaces, $1.00 for 2 colors. 


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