Labor Day Weekend Getaways: Saybrook Point Inn ~ Old Saybrook, CT

Labor day is upon us….Okay, it’s literally here. But one of the best things about labor day weekend getaways is that they don’t have to be very far away. In fact, so close that you can decide to go only a short train ride away, and still wind up feeling like you’re far from home. This Labor day, instead of worrying about sky high airfare, or crazy Hamptons traffic, take a train and spend the weekend at the Saybrook Point Inn in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. A beautiful resort spa located on the water and tucked away in the classic town of Old Saybrook, the inn offers not only beautiful surroundings, but fun, food, and freedom from the bustling, busy city. This labor day weekend, hop on the train and see what this little, unassuming town has to offer. You may be surprised with what you find.

Here’s a guide for spending your labor day stay at the Saybrook Point Inn and Spa:


The town is in a great location; located between the Long Island Sound and Connecticut River and decent distances from both New York City, and Boston. So great in fact, that Saybrook Point is frequently used as a meeting place, and destination for work retreats and business gatherings from all over. Take a late afternoon train and arrive early enough to enjoy your evening there. After settling in, take back a few drinks at the fire pit, lay back, and enjoy some live music.


Saturday, take a morning bike ride into town. The hotel has bicycles of all sizes and varieties available to use, and the town of Old Saybrook is a short, 10 minute bike ride away.


First stop, the Kate Musuem. The small, cultural arts center is dedicated to acting legend, Katherine Hepburn, who also happens to be a legend in Connecticut, specifically Fenwick, where she resided for most of her life. The center is also a theater that holds various events, shows and plays. See more here.



Have a bite and a drink at the nearby Rabbit Hole, a cute, local tavern. Check out the rest of the quaint town (only a few, short blocks mostly), and then head back to your place to spend the rest of the day lounging at the pool.



Time to head home to freshen up for dinner at Fresh Salt. Located inside the hotel, the restaurant is open to both guests and locals, and offers gorgeous, marina views.


Work off your full belly by heading over to play a few rounds of some mean mini golf right next door. The mini golf at Saybrook Point was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy and rebuilt to new glory. Its charm resides largely in the set and design, modelled after all the historical landmarks located throughout the entire town that surrounds it, including town hall and the police station.


Typically, my predeliction towards city noises and elements would always be creeping in, but I found myself not only not missing the noise, but actually enjoying the peace. Not something easily done. We spent early evening relaxing on the deck of our little townhouse, aptly named Three Stories. The charming house, gorgeously lit up at night is part of the hotel, yet made up like it’s own little bed & breakfast. Originally built in 1892, the house retains many of its original features. It includes 8 guest rooms, a lower level lounge, old school billlards room straight out of Clue, a kitchen and breakfast area, homey game room, patio, and fire pit. We rarely saw anyone else during our stay, something we secretly loved.


Starting the day off with my typical, morning cup of joe courtesy of the Three Stories house.


Sunday, enjoy brunch outside by the marina, before taking a stroll to explore, and make sure to check out the lighthouse. Not only is it gorgeous in stature as it is, but the lighthouse is actually a suite, where large families, or groups can stay for longer periods of time. While the inside is somewhat modest, what makes this ultimately special is exactly what it is. In this case, it’s not necessarily what’s on the inside that counts, but the outside that actually makes it worthwhile. Looks like a fun, family weekend out of town to me.


Not only does Saybrook Point offer lodging to their hotel guests on land, but they also cater to a whole different universe on the water. The Saybrook Point Marina offers world class service to yachts of all sizes, that also includes hotel discounts. Rates and info here.


Before heading back to your bustling city, it’s time to delax at the Sanno Spa. Enjoy the serene setting and take in a spa afternoon of your fancy. Mine included a couples massage, courtesy of our stay that was not only a first time experience for both of us, but a surprisingly positive one. And what better condition to get on the two hour train ride back, then a calm, mellow one. A commute likely to put you to sleep at departure, and convenenietly wake you up somewhere between Woodside and Penn Station.


Time to head home, back to your life, and the every day routine. But you can find comfort in knowing that only a short train ride away, lies an easy, weekend escape in Old Saybrook.


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