La FREEWAY to Style ~ Road to Lucky Fabb Series- Part II

There’s many differences that separate the East and the West. East coast rap vs West coast rap, Coffee bean vs Starbucks, walking vs driving, and the list goes on. But one thing they both share is a city full of people hustling every day, trying to find themselves, whether it’s behind a computer, on a stage, or at the drive through window. We wake up, decide what we want to be, spend the day becoming that, and then go to sleep to repeat it all again the next day.

Although my fashion seems to be evolving and changing every day, one thing that never wavers is my desire to stay unique. I used to think this trait was a weakness, something to be hidden and fixed, and in my youth, I was constantly trying to change it. Whether it be my natural red hair, which constantly lent itself to horrible junior high nicknames, or my name, which I continually hid from substitutes, replacing it with Ashley or Liz, the things that made me stand out were the very things I tried to keep hidden. By changing my name, and dyeing my hair, I felt like everyone else.

I realized later that the very things I tried to hide are the things I now use to define me. My hair is back to red, and Im slightly obsessed with B’s and Bee’s. Rather then cowering away from that which is unique, I relish in it. Being different is not a hindrance, but a forte.

As I returned from the Lucky Fabb conference this week, journeying back from Beverly Hills to New York, I thought about all the amazing people I had met. From Ny to California, Texas, DC, and beyond, some looked amazing, and others were just dressed.  I saw all interpretations of personal style, from mixing, to merely slapping on a designer label, to vintage, to simple and to the highly noticeable. I didn’t really take too much note of the hottest looks, or what was “trending”, because frankly that’s boring. What makes  someone tick is that which makes them stand out.In a room full of fashion, the best thing you can be is yourself, and that is usually the standout trend.

Day I- TIBI Or Not TIBI 

luckyfabbstyle1Left Top: Bag; Forever 21, $20.Similar to buy here.  Gold B pin, thrifted from Elephants Trunk. Bug Ring; H&M, $5 (in store, see other rings here). Nails, Sally Hansen Xtremewear.

Right: Dress, Tibi,$230. Buy here. Vintage horoscope chain belt; thrifted. Hamsa necklace, my boyfriends good luck charm that I put on a chain.  

Bottom Left: Saddle Shoes. Thrifted from Ebay. Find your own pair here.

Day II- Half Baked 

photo 1

Top: Shorts, Ted Baker, $175. My fav new shorts that I bought at their Spring Preview a few weeks ago. I’m kind of obsessed and the brand is bringing it for Spring with amazing prints, like these european doors. You can buy them Here. Short Sleeve Jacket, Vintage Chanel, Thrifted.

Bottom: Tiger Necklace, Zara, $ it here. Chunky Gold necklace; Geneva, Julie Vos. Gifted by the lovely Designer @ her Lucky Fabb booth. More on the fab collection and my favorite new necklace later. Locket, my own. Beecharmer. Shoes, Zara $79 here 

photo 2 Vintage Edith Collins Clutch; thrifted via Ebay. Vintage Bracelets, My Mother’s Closet. 3 finger ring; Forever 21.


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