Keep your KNICKers on… Friday night lights at MSG

Friday night the boy and I went to see the Knicks vs the Bucks at Madison Square Garden. Yes, we came after half time, already liquored up, and yes, the Knicks started phoning it in about 5 minutes later, losing to the Bucks ultimately, but one thing can be said, that is always true for live sports games: we had a blast.

When I was in high school during one of my aforementioned “phases”, I recall a more ‘gangsta’ time in the life of Bee, when A mesh NY knicks jersey wasn’t a MSG souvenir, but my friday night attire. Back then it was cool to buy a tight fitting basketball jersey, and rock it with jeans.

I remember in 2000, when designer Sally Penn picked up on this idea, refashioning the jerseys into tight halter tops, cropped and/or laced up the side.

And I remember when I walked around rocking Anfernee “Penny” hardaway t-shirts…. Friday night I almost talked and smiled my way into a Carmelo Anthony t-shirt- But when I realized I was going to get what I wanted from my boy, I suddenly realized I didn’t need it after all. Sure, it was cute, and fun, but lets face it- It would go straight into the cute t-shirts drawer where all cute novelty t-shirts go to die, never to be heard from again…. and I didn’t want that to happen to poor Carmelo. No, I realized all I needed to make that night perfect was just some laughs, my memories, and a few drinks after-wards to top off the night. Well, and a winning team would have been nice, but you can’t win em all— Next time Carmelo……

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