Just Shoot Me…a camera does not a blogger make

does the image make the blogger,or the blogger make the image?

Everyone’s been spending these days focusing on all the big upcoming trends for fall 11; collars, loafer heels, prints, fringe, etc. However, to me, lately it seems that there is one trend that surpasses all as the ultimate accessory for women going into fall, and beyond. The new uber-accessory, ubiquitous among women be them fashion bloggers, stylists, writers, even models, or just party goers is the professional camera.
Everywhere I look, on the street, at a blogger event, at a party, there it is again. A pretty young thing, done up in her best outfit she could scour for the evening; long lens camera draped across her body, over her clothing. Gone are the days when someone held their camera in a case. No, these days, it seems that the camera itself has become a part of the outfit.
Camera is the new black, and much in the way fashion can judge the way we look at a person, in its own way, so does this new hot accessory.
Are they a professional, are they cheap, frugal, do they like to take party pictures, or do they like to really examine their subject, are they pros, novices, and are they behind the camera or in front of it?

Not only are we judged on the size of our equipment, and how we carry it, but it seems to go deeper. The better your picture, the more reader-ship your blog gets. It doesn’t matter how, or why, all that matters is the image itself. And the struggle within ourselves to create these images continues for bloggers. Many a night I’ve cried myself to sleep, wondering why can’t I have a boyfriend who doubles as a fashion photographer to follow me around the city, capturing my every move, from the street, to the field of flowers??!! Okay, fine that’s not exactly true. But I have wondered how the ratio of photographer boyfriend, to just plain old normal boyfriend (like mine, who works in an office- how old school!), got quite so high. Where did they all come from?
And while so many of us bloggers struggle with tripods, and flip turn camera lens, and forcing our friends to follow us around, is there somewhere out there a group of professional photographer men who are not yet boyfriends, but still single, looking for a subject to follow to work every day inconspicuously?  

Perhaps I should start the first dating website for bloggers and photographers, where photo challenged single bloggers can meet men who yearn for days spent shooting pictures of a girl they also get to sleep with, and go to movies with on weekends.
And though I continue in that daily struggle, I,  who had held my point and click near and dear to my heart, have finally jumped on the band wagon. My Canon powershot will be pointed, and ready for action next week just in time for fashion night out, the IFB conference, and fashion week. Yes, seems like even me, who tries so hard not to cop to the mainstream standards of society must now conform, in order to secure my place in the world of the fabulous; where bloggers, stylists and party people might not always tell the truth to each other,  but they are straight shooters no matter what…..

In this world, everyone has to be a shooter; You either take the pic, or make the pic. You’re either in it, or behind it. So which one are you?

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