Got You Under My Skin: Murad Acne Clearing Solution puts your face in the Clear

As a People Style Watch Style Hunter, I get the opportunity to try lots of different kinds of interesting products, and I always love discovering something new. When I was given the chance to test out Murad Acne Clearing Solution, my very first thought was, well, I don’t have acne. Yet, curious to finally try the Murad line, and always excited to fall for a new beauty or skincare product, I was eager to test out my new product.

The treatment, a smooth, gel like face wash goes on soft and cleanses gently. Using it twice a day, it boasts on it’s box, that 96 % of users saw a difference in their skin in 72 hours.

Maintaining my stance as a true New Yorker, I remained skeptical, but after one day of use, I began to make way for the possibility that the product could be speaking truth. A recent small breakout I had, on my nose of all places, seemed to dissipate and I noticed a slight glow appearing. Only through day 1, and knowing there’s a full 48 hours to go before I have to start banking on their promises, I remain steadfast for the next two days, awaiting any more noticeable changes.

There’s nothing in this life that is certain, or guaranteed. But as I continue using the product over the next few days, I can guarantee one thing, you never know until you try. And sometimes you can judge a skincare item by it’s cover.

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