Island Trend Report S/S 13- Baby Got Back ~ Stylish Backpacks for Everyday

Remember way back when it used to be soooo cool to carry a Jansport. Anything else was so uncool, and wearing it on both shoulders? OMG, well this was the ultimate kiss of death! Anyone who is anyone would carry their backpack on merely one shoulder. These days the backpack seems to be relegated to dorky businessmen on bicycles, and young students. But after all these years, the season of the Back is upon us, making it once again cool to rock your belongings on your back, instead of your arm. And whether you wear one or both straps is up to you. This time around, there won’t be anyone in the halls, or classrooms waiting to pounce on you this time around. And frankly, these backpacks are so cute, how could they?

Trend Report- The Bees Knees of BackPacks

Backpack bag

Chanel vintage bag

Rucksack bag

Rocket Dog black bag
$38 –

Rucksack bag

Neon bag
$38 –

New Look buckle backpack
$46 –

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