Island Fare~ Give them my Reynards~ Reynards in the Wythe Hotel

wytheblogThe day I went to meet my friend for a light, Brooklyn brunch at Reynards, although we had thought about it and planned it for almost a month, the day of turned out to be a a horrible, rainy, gloomy depressor of a day. Unfortunately mother nature doesn’t hold brunch to the same sanctity that New York City does.

So, skinny jeans tucked into wellies, and umbrella in hand I set off on the L train to hipper pastures. I grumbled as I crossed Bedford, and made my way to the Wythe Hotel, losing my way once, and having to perfect the backwards umbrella dance several times.

But when I finally arrived, even through my curmudgeon, rainy day attitude, I couldn’t help but notice the charm and vintage style of the big hotel sign outside approaching the Wythe, with Reynards tucked directly inside. I dried off, met my friend and had a cappuccino at the bar while we waited for our table. It came, perfectly frothed, complete with a little heart on top.

The adorable red menu boasts their signature fox logo, and though the brunch menu was less then extensive, it offered an eclectic array of breakfast dishes that looked good enough to hit the spot. They also switch it up all the time, because when I checked the menu again, almost all the offerings were different.

The appearance of the hotel, including a visible nearby kitchen, and warehouse style inside lent itself to the charm of this brooklyn restaurant, but the delicious coffee and warm, delicious sourdough added to it’s simple chic style.

I went for my usual eggish favorite, and got the scrambled eggs with dill and scallion and creme fraiche on toast. With of course, another order of cappuccino, because on a gross, rainy day, who can refuse a yummy brunch, cool atmosphere, good talk, and cup of coffee, literally poured with love.

Find out more about Reynards & Wythe here 


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