Island Falls… getting excited for my favorite season

Don't be afraid to FALL

For a good amount of the population, September doesn’t only bring fall, it brings school supply shopping, composition books and protractors, back to school clothing sales, and the eager anticipation of a new school year, new classes, new friends and a whole fresh new start to begin again. September might as well be the New Years Eve for everyone from the ages of 15-21.

When we get old and jaded, (or 30 like me), working our butts off at our desk, glued to our computer screens, September is just a blip on the radar; a reminder to pack away our bathing suits and camisoles, and bring out our jeans and blazers. Fall fashion launches mark the start of the season, but there’s no back to school for us, b/c for us, school is in session year round.

And yet, somewhere inside of me that school girl still lives… I still think of the end of August as the beginning of my “New Year”. It brings a fresh start, fresh wardrobes, and also another change that affects me whether I want it to or not; my birthday.

Fall is definitely hands dwn my favorite season. Nothing on the island is ever more beautiful then it is between the months of September to November. Trees turn a lush, red and brown color, and Central Park looks like a painting. It’s still warm enough to wear flip flops with your jeans, but cool enough to throw a cute little cardigan sweater on top. This is a wardrobe paradox that I have learned to embrace and love.

Fall brings weekend trips upstate to go apple and pumpkin picking, cider drinking, and flea marketing. Some of my fondest memories of all time are me and my mom renting a car and driving upstate. Maps spread out all over the car, with notebooks full of scribbles to explore the upstate areas, buy our bushels, and fill them with our country apples, go on hay rides and pick the best pumpkin for jack-o-lantern-ing. Just because you don’t have a backyard or a front stoop, doesn’t mean you can’t cut up a pumpkin and put a candle in it. People seem to be very bothered by this notion, but I’ve been putting one in my city apt window for 30 years, and I turned out just fine.

Fall brings giant September issues that I excitedly stack on my dresser; waiting for just the right time that I can cozy up with a big cup of coffee, prop up some pillows and read them for hours, dog-earing pages, and writing down ideas.

Fall brings Adam Sandler, my one true love’s birthday. Fall brings chunky sweaters, and exciting new J Crew catalogs, new roommates, breezy weather that chills you just enough, but most importantly, fall brings change.

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One of my favorite visual homages to New York city in the fall is You’ve Got Mail. Obviously the plot and the actors overshadow, but in my opinion New York City is the star of that movie. It’s hard not to fall in love with it, if you don’t already..

And like Woody Allen said, “he was as tough and romantic as the city that he loved. New York was his town, and it always would be. ” And if it will have me, I feel the same…

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