In the Bee-K… Fried Chicken, Outdoor concerts, and picnics with the Fort Greene natives…

It’s finally happening. I waited, bade my time, held off and perpetuated the myth of a manhattanite snob and now the day is finally here. I am a borougher. (definition – one who travels to boroughs.) Last Saturday was my second in a row spent in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Last weekend I came for the Brooklyn Flea and brunch. This weekend I came for the big Mos Def, southern food festival in Fort Greene Park. We put on our best borough outfits, jumped on the train and were transported to a new destination on the map.
A foreign land, where cute boutiques housing “underground” designers stand in place of old cleaners, though the original sign remains intact, and restaurants serve stuff like strawberry shortcake ice tea, and mint pizza.
For $7 we got a huge plate of chicken, mac and cheese, and sweet yams from Sophie’s Southern Food, and sat on our blanket while wearing our new feather earrings, and people watching while listening to singers, and speakers, like Rosie Perez.
I have a feeling sometime soon, some other event, or get together will call me back to Brooklyn, and I am going to have to oblige. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship…..

People love them their southern food in fort greene

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