In a New York Minute: Nescafe Tasters Choice Challenge

In life, sometimes it can be said, anything easy isn’t worth it. When it comes to Nescafe’s Tasters Choice nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone who knows me, or reads Style Island knows that we not only do I appreciate, and consume coffee daily, but sometimes even enjoy digging a little deeper like an archeologist on a mission. In this case, our goal isn’t any mummified fossils, but a greater understanding of that illustrious bean. And for true coffee lovers, part of the pleasure comes from the digging. Not just where something has been, but more importantly, where it’s going, and what it can create. When Nescafe asked a group of caffeinated bloggers including myself to try the tasters choice challenge for one week; substituting our ‘regular’ coffee for theirs it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

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Nescafe tasters choice takes great pride in their process. One I knew little about before taking on the challenge. A process which they say includes six tastings throughout, to ensure flavor and strength. The beans are sourced, roasted and brewed to precise perfection, before being flash frozen. All this means that despite the guise of instant coffee, it packs the boldness and flavor of your basic brewed cup. Just add one cup of boiling water and one packet to your favorite mug and in less than a New York minute, morning motivation ready to drink.



My week began like all of them do with my morning cup of coffee. The first action to signify the beginning of every single day.  So, at first, submitting to the tasters choice challenge was a difficult change to a sacred, daily ritual. But anything for my craft. (literally). The Colombian medium blend is roasted from 100% Arabica beans, and brought a strong new taste to my morning schedule. It also shaved a few minutes off it too.


 Afternoon pick me ups usually involve, admittedly, a a trip to Starbucks. But this week I put a stop to that. Instead, I’d keep it homemade, and authentic for the challenge. Adding milk to the equation made for a frothy, delicious 3 pm treat that turned out pretty good.

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-3 tsp NESCAFÉ – 2 tsp sugar – 1 1⁄2 cups milk, hot


When the week had concluded, several things had happened. I had established I can deal with change, I enjoy coffee that can be made in an instant, and the Tasters choice challenge was a worthy opponent in the caffeinated arena. One I might just be stepping into again for my next afternoon pick me up. Especially when those cold, wintry days keep me inside.


Learn more about what kind of coffee you can create with Tasters Choice .

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