I’m With the Band ~ Four strategies for picking your Wedding Bands

I’ve spoken a lot, recently, about all the changes within my group. Singles have become attached, two apartments have become one, and engagement parties are the latest rage. My friends continue to fall in love, and plan on last name changes, while pinning their would be wedding rings. The joy of the would be dream day starts to become a reality for some, while others continue to live in the fantasy world of Pinterest and Instagram. And it’s only when faced with the news that our lives may be changing, that people’s true personalities really shine through. The female, when it comes to the ring can be broken into several categories.

There’s the researcher. The one with images, printed pictures, maybe even power-points on clarity, shape and size. There’s the peruser, pinpointing thoughts and clues, trying, in subtle ways to make their tastes known. There’s the Carrie Bradshaws, still on the fence; perhaps wearing their new ring as a necklace. And then there’s the actual shocked ones. The surprised. They couldn’t feign astonishment and dramatic surprise, because they were genuinely NOT in on the joke. I think out of all four, the last one resonates with me the most.

No matter which type of girl you are, and whether you know or not, buying a ring is no easy feat, no matter who is picking it out. Here are four strategies to help when picking out your wedding rings.

1. Start Shopping Early. Because some couples assume that choosing wedding bands will be a simple endeavor, they tend to wait until the last minute to select them for their wedding. Unfortunately, this type of procrastination may cause problems with your wedding plans if the bands you select need to be custom-made or if you want to have them engraved. Special orders may take longer than a month to accommodate and if you have waited until the last minute, your bands may not be ready for your wedding day. In order to avoid this additional stress, begin shopping early for your bands. You can even shop online at places like Shaneco.com to get a head start. Give yourselves at least a couple of months to research, try on and price rings that you fall in love with. You will likely be surprised at the selection of bands available and the wide range in price. For example, you can find wedding bands priced as low as $100 and all the way up to $5000. Your price will be determined by several factors such as the type of metal and inclusion of diamonds.

2. Choose a Quality Jeweler. Shopping for rings can be a stressful experience for some people because it is a fairly expensive investment. One way you can ease some your worries about making a poor decision is by choosing a high-quality jeweler. Here are some ways you can determine if your chosen jeweler is a reputable company:

• Free lifetime warranty

• Money-back guarantee (generally 60 days or less)

• Free services such as cleaning and maintenance

• Trade-in programs or upgrades

• Free certified appraisal

3. Ensure the Proper Fit. One of the most important things you should consider when purchasing your wedding ring is the size. Since your wedding band is something you will be wearing every day, it is essential that you ensure a proper fit. It is best to try on your future wedding band later in the day and when your body temperature is as close to normal as possible. Never finalize your ring size in the morning, after exercising or during menstruation as your body and fingers are typically swollen.

4. Consider Your Lifestyle. Choosing your wedding band solely on looks is generally not a good idea. Before making your final selection, consider what your hands are involved in on any given day. If you frequently work with your hands or like playing sports or music, you may want to opt for a more comfortable fitting band with rounded edges. If you have sensitive skin you will want to choose a ring made from platinum since it is hypoallergenic.

By remembering these four factors, you will hopefully be able to eliminate some of the stresses that will typically occur, and instead put that off till you actually start planning the wedding.

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