I'm Sleeping, On a jet plane……

I already have a intense fear of flying. It’s not crippling to the point where it affects my life, and I’m not gonna lie-I do continue to fly, a good amount… But I hate it. I sweat, My fingers become claws crippling the sides of the seat, usually always prompting the person sitting next to me to ask, are you all-right dear, or my friend to say, you’re hurting my hand…. I just don’t like flying period, and usually try to be under the influence of a sedative when doing so, when I can get my hands on one.
When I sit in the emergency seat that most people covet, and they give you the spider-man speech that with this seat, comes great responsibility, I am never up for the challenge, and I usually give it up. If there’s another Miracle on the Hudson, the last thing Sully would want is me in charge.
Recently on a trip to Miami w/ the girls, an altercation with a very unsympathetic flight attendant led to even more disdain. My,perhaps in retrospect, outburst, and need to sit in my designated aisle seat w/ my friend went ignored by her need to be a terrible person, until my calm, unafraid friend took care of business.
Large Toys with wings are not supposed to fly through the sky. But if they are going to, one thing that is a given, something that most never examine or think about is the people in charge of talking to, and guiding those toys where they are supposed to be. So now, not only does my crazy sub conscious have to worry about the plane, now I realize on top of that, I have to worry about the people watching the plane.
Because it turns out, due to all these new news stories popping up every day, that perhaps the one thing they get paid to do, they’re umm…. Not doing. Sleeping on the job is okay when you’re a telemarketer, but when you’re telling planes on a runway where to stop, and go, and turn, it’s not really something that warrants the phrase, ‘that’s so easy I can do it with my eyes closed’.
So why are all these news stories suddenly popping up about lax air traffic controllers, and people sleeping on the job?? There was the big plane that clipped the little plane, the guy that took take your kid to work day to a whole new level when he let his son behind the controller microphone, and countless other stories, more so lately then ever.
All begging the question, what is going on up there???
I don’t know what it’s all about but it certainly doesn’t put me at any more ease, and I wonder what is being done to thwart these careless mistakes. All I do know is that next time I have to fly, which is in a few weeks, I will be fully sedated, and hopefully blissfully, (or fearfully) unaware. Turns out the friendly skies- They ain’t so friendly.

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