If you like it, then you Should have put a bead on it – Mardi Gras this March in style

Calling all Spring breakers, and thirty somethings, channeling their inner youth; the ol ‘I had a boyfriend for so many years in college, I never got to experience spring break, so now, I’m doing it UP!’ ladies…. The time has come yet again for complete debauchery in the form of sparkle, glitter, cajun and creole recipes and drinks, and of course, beads…

Pretty much in this town, any random holiday or event is an excuse for shenanigans, so not to be mistaken with the day we do the same exact thing but in green clothes, or the day we do it in costumes w/ pumpkins, or w/ horses at a racetrack, and the list goes on, and on, here are 5 ways to celebrate this particular event with some style….

1) If you weren’t able to get to NOLA this year, then I guess the next best thing would have to be  a NYC bar decked out w/ flair (really?) Does it really matter? in 3 hours, you won’t know what state you’re in anyway…  click here for some ideas

2) Get in the spirit with a dinner party Mardi Gras themed- Theme dinner parties are one of my most favorite things to do, and this holiday makes way for so many fun ideas


All Saints sparkle tunic dress - $110

Mermaid 1 shoulder dress- ASOS - asos.com - $134.48

















4) Use it as an excuse to try a different Make up STYLE

Mardi Gras fake eyelashes kit- Sears- $13.45

Glitter - different shades- Mac cosmetics- $19.50
















or for those of you who are cosmetically challenged, some great blogs are featuring lots of tutorials today – Check them out here:



5) last but not least, it is Mardi Gras after all, so finish it off with a mask, and some beads. Just be careful who you give your beads to- and make sure their apartment is easily accessible to an early AM cab home- If not, you can always put the mask back on

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