I don't think you're ready for this jelly…. Jelly sandals for Summer 2012

So, every brand under the sun is getting ready to unveil fall collections, stores are gearing up for sweater clothed mannequins, and skinny jeans and cords, and although my mind is starting to get anxious to see what fills the stores, and my bags, my body is still smack dab in the middle of summer. Maybe because it’s… well, the middle of summer.

Footwear has rocked this summer, and even though I love a great pair of heels, especially my new Tods, I seem to be spending most of my time living in flat sandals, an obsession which I addressed not too long ago.

Within that genre is the sub genre of the jelly. Jelly sandals do not necessarily come to mind as the first thought when thinking of a chic, flat sandal. Rather, they’re more reminiscent of the jelly slides they used to sell at the drugstore for $5, that every little girl HAD to have.

But jellies have grown up big time. My most coveted pair is one of the hottest sandals of the summer, the Valentino jelly with bow on the front. I love these, but this happened to be one of few battles that I won against my inner fashionista and my conscience came out victorious. Then again, I still love them, and summer still has a ways to go…..

If these jellies don’t fit your budget, there’s plenty that do…. So dive in, and get ready to be gellin….

Valentino sandals- $295.00 click here to buy

Or for a lower priced version of the same look…

SODA Mendes Womens Sandals $14.99 @ tillys.com – click here to buy

I also LOVE LOVE these….

LOVE MOSCHINO LOVE RED Plastic Sandals – $138.00 @ pret-a-beaute – click here to buy

Other honorable jellyrific mentions….

LOVE Moschino neon green sandals $89.99 – JuJu Fergie Jelly Sandals – around $16.00 – click here for more info

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