I can’t stand the rain… ‘gainst my window… 5 things to do on a rainy day in NYC

Sometimes, on a day so gloomy as today on the island, the best thing you can do is nothing at all- With weather conducive to, well, nothing at all what is a girl to do on a Saturday afternoon- my plans to spend the day at the new standard hotel ice rink ice skating and fondueing (a new verb I think I can make catch on) it up were sadly ruined, and not even could I force myself to thrift store shop for a new chair for my living room in this unacceptable weather.
But when all else fails, I like to think it’s a sign that I should catch up on all the things we procrastinate from doing, even if it does take a rainy day to get there.


amazon- $14.30

Currently I am reading Room by Emma Donoghue—Sure, I’m supposed to finish 150 pages by tomorrow night’s book club, but if this rain keeps up, I should have no problem and will be ready set go for a good abbreviated chat over cheese and wine.


I myself have repeatedly admitted my naivety regarding the internet, including my new foray into the blogoshpere, which I already feel right at home in, but with such a abundance of deals, steals, fashion websites, fashion blogs, fashion search engines, etc at our fingertips, sometimes there is such a thing, as too much of a good thing. And sometimes not…
For amazing dresses, trends and stylish ideas at really reasonable prices, spend an hour on asos.com, which is currently offering 20% of new purchases, and free shipping.
I remember when I followed this website in college, when it was simply a site that sold fashion in the similar style to UK celebrities and it’s amazing how far it’s come, if having just launched it’s US version is any indication. Check out the site to begin your envious spring wardrobe….

Watch TV

Complete series- $100 amazon.com

Okay, I admit it, I watch the real housewives of, well whatever. I’ll never admit to having watched the reunion show… over and over again…
But if you actually intend to stimulate your brain on a rainy Saturday, check out the WIRE complete box set ($100 on Amazon), proclaim to hibernate yourself from all friends and plans, and have nothing to show for it, except having watched, possibly the best tv show ever written….

Get your nails done

Moon Manicures- $21.00

My chanel riva nail polish arrived in the mail, and I can’t wait to try it out today…Or, try out another new trend in nails- the half moon manicure… Plenty of salons are now starting to offer this comeback look in the nail world, or be bold and try it yourself.

Or Just GO OUT
As night approaches, we’re left with the age ol question- to go out or not to go out tonight, that is the question… Are we gonna let a little rainfall cancel all our facebook invited Sat night birthday parties that we have, either by merit, or by default of being friends with a  friend… Or in the name of wasted money,and foreshadowed colds should you just know when it’s not your night…

It’s still to early to tell what my night will hold, but either way, at least I did something today

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