How to Relive your Wedding day Forever

Weddings can appear to have a one day expiration date and that’s mostly true. A wedding is like some relationships. Once it has served it’s purpose, or necessity, it concludes and everyone moves on freely. It doesn’t care about your feelings, how much you spent on it, or whether or not you still think about it longingly. It had one job, and now that the mission is complete, so is its existence. But while an actual wedding might only have a one day window, there are ways its spirit can live on and you can relive your wedding day.

It can be an amazing party, but once it’s over, real life returns. No more planning, no more stress filled days crossing scribbles off your lists. Instead of fighting over silly details, you’re dealing with real life ones. For some, heading back to reality and routine can even be hard. Something resembling a post wedding depression; a real thing that women suffer from. Instead of obsessing, or living in the past, look forward. Along the way, you’ll find there are actually lots of ways to ensure that you can relive your wedding day whenever the mood strikes.

The wedding celebrations may be the best day of your life, but it’s what comes after that is most significant. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t relish in the memory whenever you want. For some tips on how to relive your wedding day and that joyful feeling, keep reading below.

1. Dry your flowers. 

2. Frame one of your favorites from the day. On you can print a photo from your wedding day for peanuts. Then just slip it into one of your new, favorite frames. (Trust me, you’ll have a few to choose from.)

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3. Have a keepsake nearby. Matches, framed favor, or even your invite will make you feel like you can relive your wedding day whenever you want. I keep my Zazzle designed vinyl inspired invite on our fridge.

relive your wedding day, keepsakes, wedding day,, wedding tips, marriage

4. Listen to your wedding music. 

5. Wear your shoes again. Or keep them on display like a piece of art. 

6. Save a thank you card for yourself. No matter the bride they all share one thing; the need for thank you cards. Zazzle has an amazing assortment, and as soon as I received my postcards, I knew I’d be saving one as a little wedding souvenir.

relive your wedding day, keepsakes, wedding day,, wedding tips, marriage

7. Return to the scene of the crime. Depending on where you got married, obviously this will have varying degrees of difficulty. But if you got hitched at a restaurant, like me, at the amazing Charlie Palmer. there’s no simpler way to relive your wedding day then to head to your favorite spot for a more intimate dining experience.






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5 responses

  • This feels nostalgic! I listen to my wedding music at least once a week. I also keep a copy of my invitation. However the rest of my wedding stuff are in my parents’s place.

  • I created a shadow box of all my wedding memorabilia. It has photos, dried flowers, the cake center piece my friend designed. It was a fun project.

  • Really adore your ideas here babe, I had fake flowers at my wedding so that I could lay them at my grandparents grave the next day, it really felt like they were apart of my wedding day then so that is a keepsake I love. I really love the rest of your ideas! Thank you for sharing

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  • These are such great ideas! My wedding was just in December and all I want to do is relive it! Seriously, I want to wear my dress every day. One thing I was thinking of doing is putting our invitation in a small shadow box. I did buy a beautiful keepsake box to keep everything from the cake topper to the favors but it’s not really on display. I have to get the photos printed so I can have those around. These are really good ideas! Love it!