How to make a travel blog stand out

Blogging is still a great way to do something you love, and even make money from it. Though the industry has naturally gotten saturated over time, it’s still thriving and providing opportunities in various genres. One of the most popular outlets is to make a travel blog. Even if this has seen a vast decline in the past year. As the world starts to open back up and return to some sense of normalcy, traveling will also resume greatly. And travel blogs and sites will endure.

If you want to dip your toes into a new field, and love sharing your outdoor adventures then maybe this is the time!

But remember, there are lots of writers out there. So if you want to make a travel blog stand out, you have to try a few things to provide unique and needed content.

A few points on how to make your travel blog stand out more:

Use wonderful visual content

Travel bloggers are usually people who want to see amazing parts of the world. They want to escape and be a part of something extraordinary. The world has some wonderful landscapes and views, so it’s only right that you post images and videos for them to enjoy. Reading is great, but it can get tedious. This is a category where images speak volumes.

Focus on trying to stand out  

Many travel blogs can fall into the trap of looking the same as each other. In order to make a travel blog that stands out from the crowd, brainstorm what makes you different. Think outside of the box and be unique to you. Think about the likes of how-to articles and other kinds of interactive content that might drive readers to you over someone else.

Have a professional contact page

If readers, subscribers, and interested onlookers want to contact you, it’s best that you ensure that you’re responding speedily and professionally.

Provide a simple contact form that people can simply fill out and input their query. In terms of the address you’ll be using, you’ll want to ensure it’s respectable so that you don’t come across as amateurish. If you’re not in an established workplace yet, then the likes of can help you out and provide you with a professional virtual address. It’s amazing what this kind of thing can do aesthetically while genuinely assisting you with admin work. 

Create a website that is attractive and easy to navigate

A big part of how to make a travel blog stand out is your aesthetic. This can take time to master, and perfect. But some basics are making sure you look professional and not too amateurish. One of the most important tips? Make sure that the navigation works well.

Would you use any of these tips to make a travel blog?

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