How to maintain colored hair: 9 useful tips

When you get your hair dyed to the desired color, you want it to last as long as possible. When it fades quickly, it can be quite disappointing. However, it is possible to maintain colored hair for longer. If you want to know how to maintain colored hair, these hair essentials and tips will ensure it lasts as long as possible.

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Use the right shampoo for your color

Although it is common knowledge to use the right shampoo for colored hair, some people aren’t aware that certain shampoos and best for certain colors. Firstly, it is always best to use sulfate-free shampoos to avoid stripping. 

Secondly, it is important to use the right ingredients for the color of your hair. Blonde hair is best maintained with purple shampoos. There are many purple shampoo benefits that everyone with blonde hair should know about. First, it neutralizes hair color to prevent it from turning too warm. Then, it helps maintain ashy blondes, if you are going for a silver-toned blonde look. It works to tone the hair and keep it is in the best condition and desired color.

When you use the right shampoo for your hair color, the results will last longer and you can enjoy healthier and shinier hair. 

Wash no more than twice a week

One of the simplest tips for how to maintain colored hair is to stop washing it so frequently. Because every time you do, you strip it of its natural oils. So for those who wash it every day, it’s okay to scale back to twice a week.

Wash your hair in colder water

Hot water opens up the cuticles in the hair, which will cause the oils to reduce and the color to fade. The cooler the water, the less likely your cuticles will open up. 

Coldwater will leave your hair super shiny too, which is ideal if you want to maintain that salon finish after your appointment. 

Apply a heat protection product 

If you are someone that likes to style their hair with heat, then you will need to consider using a heat protection product. This will create a protective layer, which will avoid damaging your hair. 

A spray or a lotion is the best option. Always apply these as instructed. For instance, some products are best applied to wet hair. Thus, when you blowdry it, then heat protection can activate and work straight away. 

If you damage your hair too much with heat styling tools, then you can cause it to lose its color quickly. 

Reduce your temperatures

When you do use heat tools, reduce their temperature. You will still be able to style your hair. Yet, you will not damage it excessively.

Reducing your hair tool to the lowest setting will ensure that it doesn’t fry your hair, which could cause permanent damage.

Add a UV spray 

For extra heat protection (but this time for the sun), add a UV spray when you know it is going to be sunny. The UV rays can damage the hair and cause it to fade and become dry. Using a UV spray will add a barrier to your hair so that it isn’t affected by the UV rays.

This is essential when going on holiday as you will likely be in the sun every day. Keep one in your bag so that you can top it up if you go in the pool or the sea. 

Use hair masks

Using hair masks will help you maintain shine and nourishment. If your colored hair dries out, then you will likely notice it fades much quicker. 

Nourishing masks that contain hydrating products will ensure to maintain color and avoid drying out. 

Regular trims

As well as going to the salon for fresh color, ensure to get it cut too. A regular trim will ensure to keep your hair in good condition and prevent it from becoming dry and broken, which you all now know can lead to fast fading. 

Even a small trim is enough to refresh your hair and avoid it from becoming too dry. 

Wash it yourself after two days or more

Color takes a little while to settle into the hair. Thus, leave it at least two days before you wash it yourself after your appointment. 

The longer you leave it, the longer the ingredients can take to settle into the hair, which can help the color last longer. 

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