How to Look Great for less

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We all want to look stunning and have epic style. But unfortunately, unlike the rich and famous most of us can’t afford to bathe in jewelry. So, instead, we look for ways to work on our style without sending our credit card bill through the roof. There are ways to do this, and you’d be amazed by how stunning you can look, even when you’re living on a dime. There are plenty of ways to look great for less, starting with the below.


Forget Fashion Designer Stores

Yep, ASOS and all the other designer stores can disappear because we don’t need them. The key to fashion is a unique sense of style, and you can’t get that if you’re buying what everyone else is wearing. Besides, most of the clothes sold by fashion designers can be found elsewhere with little unique changes that actually make them more attractive. The best part? They don’t come with the ridiculously high price tags that are going to make your purse ache. So, you can afford to buy more for less. A top tip would be to check out market stalls in towns and cities. These often have clothes designed by individuals, and you never know when you’ll find a knockout outfit here that no one else will have.


Try Free DIY Beauty Techniques

We hate spending a fortune on a beauty stylist as much as you do and these days there are so many services you can buy to ensure that you look stunning. Want flawless skin? Make sure you book a spa treatment with a sauna. How about pearly white teeth? Don’t forget to buy that all expensive teeth whitening service by a pro dentist. What they don’t tell you is that you can whiten your teeth at home with a little lemon juice and baking soda. As for clearer skin, just heat up some boiling water and hold your head over it. You’ll soon see a noticeable difference to your skin.


Save In Little Areas

There are lots of areas of your style and beauty routine where you’re spending more than you realize. Take razor blades and shaving cream, how often do you buy these products? Probably a few times a month and that’s taking money away that could be spending in other areas to ensure you look like a knockout. Well, with the dollar shave club women love being able to save a fortune on their shaving accessories and spending the money they save elsewhere. Suddenly, you’ll find you do have enough money in your budget to buy those to die for heels.


Buy Out Of Season

Yes, your clothes will be one year out of date if you do this but you’ll also get your hands on incredible styles and even some designer labels without the expensive price tag. If you buy winter in summer and summer in winter, you’ll find that you can cut your clothes spending budget in half and still get all the beautiful threads that you could ever want.

 Now you’re on your way to looking even better, and spending less than usual, a perfect ten in our book!


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