How to look after your body and mind


Looks might only be skin deep, but sometimes, that can be enough. The ways in which we perceive ourselves can sometimes have a long, lasting, even deeper effect. Getting yourself done up with makeup, or a new haircut can feel great, but that feeling can also be fleeting. The longer lasting effects of self confidence can sometimes be much harder to come by, if at all. While self confidence can be hard to achieve for some, there are ways to help combat the issues. Small things, mostly based in self care can impact the way we see ourselves, and trying to look after your body and mind can potentially lead to more positive results.

Learning how to look after your body, and your mind isn’t always inherent. Though we currently live in a world where self care is not only a trending word, but a booming business, not everyone practices it as often as they should, if at all. Looking after yourself seems obvious, but simple things, like not drinking too much, eating right, and exercising enough can still allude us. Having the foresight to look after your body doesn’t mean you can never attend another party, or practice in laziness. It just means being aware. Awareness leads to small changes, and those changes can help your mood over time.



When choosing what to eat, you don’t have to give up the bad foods you love forever. It’s all about moderation. A healthy balanced diet is all you need to live a better lifestyle, and still have room for some treats occasionally. Dark green veggies are rich in iron, and swapping cows milk for almond will help to reduce bloat and clear your skin.



You don’t have to suddenly become a gym bunny or change your whole lifestyle. But introducing a workout routine, even if only ten minutes a day will only benefit your body, and in turn, your mind. So next time you’re feeling a little lazy, push yourself and think ahead. Who doesn’t feel great after a workout?



Skin can actually play a huge part in how you view your body. A bout of acne, scarring and blemishes can all be big hindrances to confidence. First, work on getting your diet under control. Cut your dairy intake, up your water intake, and remove greasy foods that can cause outbreaks. You should also introduce a daily skin care routine for morning and night to help cleanse and tone the skin. Next, make sure to always use moisturizer and sunscreen to help heal and protect your skin. If skin is extra dry, check out a face mask with tea tree oil. Look to see if your spots are just spots, or whether it’s your skin purging all the bad. Often, just after diet changes, you can have an outbreak as the bad toxins in the body try and leave. Resist the urge to pop, or play. Instead, give your skin further treats with an exfoliating mask or scrub, or try a face steam at home. Just fill a basin with hot water and lean into the steam, draping a towel over your head to trap the steam. You can add essential oils to the water to give your skin an extra boost.



Sleep can be imperative to both your mental and physical health. Not only is it a natural healer, but getting enough sleep each week can have major impacts on the body, even if they’re not widely visible. Impacts like less stress, and irritability.

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