How to Dress for a new job

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If you’re starting a new job, one thing you will need to give consideration to is your new work wardrobe. This is often more important than a lot of people realize. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some top tips on how to dress for a new job with style success.

  1. Pay attention to the details. Your attention to detail makes a huge difference when trying to achieve a polished appearance. Yes, you may have selected a stunning and professional outfit, however, if your nails are chipped, and your shoes aren’t polished, someone is always going to notice it. Make sure your clothes are free of wrinkles, and wear something that you feel comfortable and confident in. Don’t buy an outlandish outfit simply to make a statement. You are going to spend all day worrying about what you are wearing rather than focusing on your work.

  2. Change your hairstyle. Changing your hairstyle can give you a massive confidence boost. After all, we all feel transformed after a trip to the hair salon, right? Whether you go for a colour change or a striking cut, choosing something different from what you usually go for is the ideal approach for your new job. Have you thought about tape in hair extensions? This will give you the flexibility to wear your hair in many different styles every day.

  3. Invest in a bespoke suit. Personally I’m not a suit person. That being said, depending on your industry, the importance of suit that fits great cannot be underestimated. That being said, a bespoke suit will always give off a better impression than a ready-to-wear suit. They fit perfectly, because they’re made to suit you. It will make a great impression no matter what.

  4. Select a solid color that is not distracting. Color choice can often be quite difficult when developing a new work wardrobe. This is why most people tend to go for a monochrome palette. However, you may want to add some color to this so you can show off your personality, and this is definitely advised. But you need to choose wisely. You want people to focus on you, rather than what you are wearing. This is why it is better to go for a solid color rather than a busy pattern. You want to show authority and style, without being distracting.

  5. Get inspired. Look online to see what other people are wearing. This can be a great source of inspiration. Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest work really well when seeking fashion inspiration. You can even create your own mood board of colors and fabrics to form the basis of your shopping trip.

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