How to create a spa experience at home

The pandemic has made it impossible to indulge in the things we love. Concerts, movie theaters, and even a day at the spa. But while some of these will have to wait for safer times, a spa day is one thing you can take into your own hands. Here is a small guide to how you can create a spa experience at home.

Opportunities to take care of ourselves properly have been few and far between in the last year. But there are ways to bring a little relaxation back into your life, without stepping out the front door.

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How to create a spa experience at home:

Think of accessories

At a spa, part of the fun is getting pampered in ways we can’t achieve ourselves. Including comfy, sometimes luxurious robes or cucumber water drinks. There’s just something about them. So if you want to set that scene at home then invest in a great robe and set of slippers. Or just something that feels extra comfortable. And that cucumber? Go get one yourself, slice it up and throw it over your eyes and in your cup. Voila, spa vibes at home!

Set the scene 

What is it about a spa that makes it so relaxing? The low lighting, the candles, and the scent. But you can still recreate this effect at home. Dim the lights if you can or turn them off all together. And light a candle to set a relaxing atmosphere. Then, choose a scent to fill the room. You want something that will help relax your mind and body. Lavender and chamomile scents can help with this. You could utilize scented candles or add some oils to tea light burners. 

Invest in indulgent treats 

If you’re extra serious about wanting to create a spa experience at home, you can also consider changes to your bathroom. Perhaps adding a jacuzzi option to your bath. Allowing you to get that sense of bubbles in your own bathtub. A jacuzzi can also help ease aching muscles.

Another great suggestion could be a steam shower option. Allowing that steam room effect. Using a facial steamer at home or treating yourself to some special bath treats or soaps can also add to the overall experience.

Add a bit of meditation

Spas are often linked to wellness centers now. Because self care isn’t just pampering. These days it also means taking care of the inside you. A perfect example of this is mediation.

Meditation is a form of sitting and concentrating on your breath. It enables you to focus your mind and clear it. It can last from five minutes or longer, and can be very beneficial to help relax you. 

These are just a few ways you can create a spa experience at home.

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