Choose The Finishing Touches For Any Outfit

Summer is the season for an overload of fun events. Weddings, outdoor parties, and endless music festivals. All these functions mean you’ll need lots of different looks and outfits. But it doesn’t necessarily mean a new shopping trip for each one. Go back in your closet, and find new ways to update the clothing you already have. Accessories can make all the difference. Especially when trying to be unique. Here are some tips on how to update a look and choose the finishing touches for any outfit you plan.

How To Choose The Finishing Touches For Any Outfit

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Dress for the occasion

The type of event you’re going to will probably dictate the kinds of accessories you choose. For an outdoor affair, you might opt for different finishing touches than that of a wedding, or formal party. Think about the location, the vibe, and of course, if there is any actual information on dress code. Floor length gowns call for heels, a clutch perhaps, and rather simple jewelry. On the other hand a music festival screams sneakers, (for comfort), and comfortable, fun clothing. Maybe a hat for the heat as well. Choose the finishing touches with some fun jewelry, like bangles ,or hoop earrings. A night out with the girls can vary depending on your personal style. But remember to always only play up one section of your self. If you’re rocking a fierce outfit, make the accessories and shoes more low key. On the other hand, jeans and a simple tee can be accentuated with wedges, fun accessories, and a cool, bold bag.


Try out new trends

Many like to experiment when it comes to personal style. Buying new accessories is a simple, affordable way to try out new trends and update looks. If you’ve got a capsule wardrobe, you can use different accessories to create a range of on-trend looks. Use hats, scarves, gloves, bags, shoes, and jewelry to jazz up your seasonal staples and embrace new fads. If you’re keen to give animal print a whirl at a festival, for example, you could team a printed hair scarf, a patterned cross-body bag or leopard print ankle socks with a pair of cut-off denim shorts, a basic vest and trainers.

When on the lookout for new items, try to pick between classic, timeless accessories and seasonal trends. Both can be useful. You may take inspiration from celebrity engagement ring trends when looking for a ring you plan to have forever. If you’re searching for a promise ring, an engagement ring or a wedding band, timeless will be more important. For that hot party coming up this weekend, perhaps a more trendy, stacked, or three finger ring will do the trick. It’s all about discovering style and experimenting with what’s right for you.

Find the right balance.  

When it comes time to choose the finishing touches for an outfit, always think carefully about the overall aesthetic. As already mentioned, too much of a good thing can be overwhelming. A funky, or patterned dress, skirt, or top means you want to keep things simple everywhere else. But if you’ve gone for something plain in your clothing, an adventurous accessory might be just what you need to complete the outfit.

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