How much do I Know Thee, let me count the ways OR Carnal Knowledge…

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Recently I overheard a couple’s conversation behind me in  Starbucks. It went a little something like this.

Guy– “Oh no, nooo, I don’t want the raisin bread” Girl– “Aww how the hell did u know what I was loolking at behind the case?” Guy– “Well, Cause I know you” Girl– “But still, really, how did u know??” Guy-“I mean, cause I know who u are.” What followed was a sigh, a hug, and from what I can guess, a very, happy female.

And men, its that simple. There is a moral to this story. You have one capability inside you which can lead to pure bliss, a happy partner, and a stress free life. And that one thing is knowledge. Nothing pleases a girl more then that. Flowers, dinner, jewelry, of course they help, but try this. Tell a girl something about herself, and when she asks how you knew, just respond, bc I know you… And that girl will be putty in your hands.

What is it about this statement that makes us women so vunerable, so susceptible to caving in, letting go, and softening faster then a marshmellow? Maybe its because deep down no matter how many friends or family one has, to know someone, truly know them in and out, is not an easy feat. This process can start small. The way someone takes their coffee or their favorite takeout food. These are every day details we don’t notice, until we realize someone else cares enough to notice. The moment someone declares they know you can have the same euphoria as someone telling you they love you. And its not just reserved for couples. Your best girlfriend that knows your every reaction so much that she can almost finish your sentences, can almost have a similar effect. The underlying theme is still the same. Someone has been in your life by choice long enough to not only care about you, but to know you so well that they can know what you will say before saying it. Now that is close.

On a recent style post, I spoke to the emotion I felt when my boyfriend bought me clothing for my 32nd birthday. Like many women in my situation would be, I was nervous to what I would find. Just what did he get me. But when I opened the J crew box, and found 3 items that I had not only had looked at in the store, but actually bookmarked online, and though of buying myself, I knew I had found my soulmate. My knowledgable partner for many holidays, and years to come.

But lest u think this euphoric feeling doesn’t work both ways, it does. Knowing someone back can instill the same affect. Feeling like you understand someone more then anyone else, and vice versa creates a feeling that is literally the opposite of loneliness. In a world where universal knowlwdge is at our fingertips anytime we want it, information is power. Its how you choose to harness that power that can make all the difference.

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