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Charity Auctions have been around almost as long as supporting charities, but today the world has changed the way we do things. Hosting a charity event, outsourcing and pulling in sponsors, and auctioning off their items to the highest bidding guest at your event is still a pretty popular way to host a successful auction. But what if you aren’t having a big event to house your items, or promote your cause? Today, like everything else, the rules of the game have changed, and just about anything can be done online. Including hosting your own charity auction. If you have an important cause, or passion you’re working on, head over to and see how easy it is to host an online auction of your own.

Charity Auctions Today isn’t just the best outlet for your auction, or message. It’s also the simplest. They’ve made it painstakingly easy to set up and host an online auction with them. All it take is about five minutes, and some simple steps. Your auction name, time zone, start and end dates, item status, and currency offered. The software offers dozens of themes, or the opportunity to upload your own images and messaging. Plus, the way in which you host your auction is also in your hands. Besides the standard, you can also choose to have a silent auction, or even a paddle raise one. Just pick the ones that work best for you, and Charity Auctions Today lets you go through the process, set up the auction, and even test it out before fully committing.

What if instead of host an online auction, you just wanted to bid or check out someone else’s? Easy. Just head over to the Bid on Items section and unless you’re searching something specific, peruse your offerings. Everything from concert tickets, Broadway shows, private lessons, to even VIP tickets to the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade. Just browse through the various charities and then click to see each one’s detailed cause, and full auction.

One example is St. Croix Pride. They have an auction benefiting the island of St. Croix in the wake of the devastating hurricanes. People can also head to their page to donate auction items as well.

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