Holiday READEy! Seasonal Shopping, Stocking Stuffers, and Sniffles~Duane Reade gears up for holidays with the Happy & Healthy Magazine launch

Happy and Healthy Greetings from Duane Reade

In another attempt and push to turn Duane Reade from drugstore superstore to all purpose needs mega store, they’ve taken their regular circular, the Duane Reader to the next level with the newly launched Happy and Healthy. While the Reader’s main goal was to promote good shopping lists and help expedite shopping, the former includes that also, but with it incorporates something more; knowledge.

Functioning less like a coupon circular, or weekly, and more like a issue of Real Simple magazine it covers everything from best laundry practices (highlighting the most recent brand of the week, natural and exclusive to DR, Ology brand), healthy holiday tips from Dr Oz, healthy cooking tips from Paula Deen, and much, much more.

As I’ve mentioned so many times before, though essentials are usually the forethought when I’m heading to Duane Reade, this can change from the moment I walk through the doors. A hodge podge of necessity mixed with distraction mixed with pure unnecessary desire for anything from perfume, to nail polish or whatever else my eye wanders to in the Look Boutique. But there is now a focus; the holidays.

This is a time of year when people are close…literally. So first on my list for this seasonal shopping trip was meds. I had already discovered from browsing the Happy & Healthy online beforehand, that the Walgreens extra strength aspirin was on sale for $6.99. On the Ask your Pharmacist section, it also highlighted that the same store name brand had liquid cough and cold medicine on sale so when I got there, I picked them both up. You never know when you’ll need reinforcements, and at this time of year, a cold is a dime a dozen, and though the medicine isn’t, it’s still a good deal….

And hand in hand with sniffles comes the relief. For those less inclined to pop a pill, and more homeopathic, similar relief can be found in a nice, hot cup of herbal tea. The deLish teas, also the new item of the week, were on sale for $2.49, and I selected the peppermint and chamomille.

The Duane Reade stores, prompt, if not early are already getting stocked full of holiday decor, and selections, and most locations, including the Times Square monster I was at this time, are already dripping with stockings, stuffer gifts, and holiday candies and chocolates. The holiday magazine’s latest issue does promote this; with a page solely dedicated to ‘stocking stuffer’ gift ideas. But more on that focus later.

And though the holidays are a time for giving, and thinking of others, I know that Duane Reade wants me to take care of myself also. They do, after all, care about my health, my well being and my appetite. So on that note, and needing a treat, I grabbed the cashew macadamia mix, from DeLish premium mixes, which on sale for $5.99 was a total steal.

The trip ended on a high note, when upon checking out, I realized I had 5,000 in points, just waiting to be redeemed, so I left the store, big bag in hand, having saved not only money but hassle, and headache. That makes Duane Reade the gift that keeps on giving…

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click here to see more DeLish products at Item of the week #cbBigapple. One page from the Happy and Healthy Magazine – Click on pic to see more products, tips, and recipes

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