Hitch a Ride to Style~ Alfred Hitchcock and his Blondes are having a moment

I have always had a slight obsession with Alfred Hitchcock, and all his movies. I have a passion for the genre, but  I’ve also always latched onto the way Hitch saw the world, and that is evident through his images and movies. I have memories of being in my early twenties, sitting in my first apartment, alone, eating a sandwich for dinner and watching Dial M for Murder on tv.

This winter Hitchcock has returned, after all these years, not with a new movie, but instead with the camera turned on him. A thing I’m sure the real Hitch would’ve have abhorred, had he been here. But he’s not, and instead we get not only 1, but 2 movies out about him this month.

The Girl, Staring Sienna Miller as the Birdy Blonde  Tippi Hedren, Hitch’s former obsession and leading starlet is essentially Hedren finally setting the record straight. On Hbo, it’s a movie that really illustrates the dark, obsessive side of a man revered as a master and genius of film.

Hitchcock, coming out this month and staring Anthony Hopkins as Hitch is focused on a different time in his life, a different movie, and a different leading lady starlet; Janet Leigh.

Alfred Hitchcock is definitely having a buzz moment.With him in the spotlight, not only is it his movies that are revered, but the look and style that goes along with each individual one. The “hitchcock” blondes; in all their glory. Hedren, a woman who as the object of someone’s obsession received both fame, and torture, but looked gorgeous while doing it. Grace Kelly, on a 24 date with perfection, and Novak from Vertigo (my favorite Hitchcock movie) exudes mystery, sexiness, and of course, style.

Which Hitchcock girl are you? 

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