Highway to Gel: Combat Holiday Stress with Shiseido Ibuki + Giveaway!

Get your skin and yourself holiday ready with Shiseido Ibuki multi solution gel. The treatment, used daily, minimizes the appearance of breakouts, dryness, pores, and acne. It can correct skin imperfections and revive skin daily, helping it feel and look healthier.

During the month of December, some of us get pretty busy. The old me, like so many still now, thrived on those crazy ‘December’ days. The ones we all relish by complaining about how many fabulous holiday parties we have to attend, or how busy our nights keep us. These days, everything has changed for me. Now a writer, I no longer have work holiday functions, and though the number of media events I go to has increased, the number of holiday related activities seems to have lessened dramatically. But for many out there in the big, crowded city, this time of month is still very much filled with long nights, festive dinners, family functions, and whatever else life may hold. Through it all, no matter how much makeup you may or may not wear, one thing will remain important; how awake you appear.

 Add a pair of killer heels, a red lip, and signature scent and you’re ready for the party circuit all season long.

shiseido, holiday giveaway, holiday beauty

It’s fitting that Ibuki actually translates to “inner strength” in Japanese. It’s important, especially during this time of year, that we look to that strength, in all its forms. Maybe it’s the strength of silence during a long night with opinionated family, or maybe yours takes on the form of surviving long, holiday related work nights. No matter what keeps you going on the inside, show your strength on the outside in the form of glowing, wakened skin with the help of Shiseido. The high impact gel cools and softens combatting signs of stress, crazy holiday schedules, and of course, family.

shiseido, holiday giveaway, holiday beauty


shiseido, holiday giveaway, holiday beauty

  In honor of all that holiday stress, I’m giving away a Shiseido Ibuki Multi Solution Eye Gel to one lucky reader ~

What’s your beauty tip for combatting holiday stress? Tell me below in the comments and Enter below to win!

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