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In a Back to the Future type scenario, where someone has traveled into the future, much like a young Michael J Fox, there are several identifying factors to declare that you are, in fact in the future. Besides hovercrafts, and 3d real life shark holograms, there is usage of vocabulary, and how it’s connotation has changed through the years. One example? In the past, mention of the term monthly visitor elicits less excitement, and more groans and aggravation. A frustration at the disruption in ones usual routine, and although we always know it’s coming, it still annoys us when it does.

But these days, that phrase has taken on a new meaning. The idea of monthly visits has become a phenomenon so big that not only are we excited when it comes, we actually pay money to ensure that it does.  And when this monthly visitor arrives you don’t have to do anything except open your door (or mailbox).

‘Of’ the month clubs have always been around; either relegated to solely snobby cheese or wine connoisseurs, book nerds, family circles, etc. But in recent years, this idea has expanded 100 % in creativity, availability and reach. With e-commerce at a peak, these clubs are in the spotlight more than ever, and with new genres popping up every month, this trend shows no sign of slowing service.

For me, the success of this idea is universal for almost any genre for two simple reasons. 1, the art of the deal. When someone thinks they can get a lot, for a little, they’re almost always willing to go for it. Why buy one expensive fill in the blank, when you can pay a fee to get 4 of those in a slightly smaller bottle every month. 2, people love to get packages. In today’s world, the letter is few and far between, as well as the package, unless by our own hand. In the same way that a letter in your mailbox can create an instant smile, so does the allure of ‘the package’. You come home to a box on your doorstep. What could it be? Who is it from? Did that coveted item you bought at 2 am last week finally arrive?

It’s the element of surprise, the anticipation, and the craving. Who wouldn’t pay to experience that feeling monthly.

Groucho Marx said he would never want to belong to a club that would have him as a member. But with products like this, and deals this appealing for whatever your passion, these are clubs whose membership card you’ll be happy to carry. And there’s no wait at the door…..

The Original-BirchBox. A simple idea that has launched a thousand new ones.

What you’ll get– A selection of samples from terrific beauty, skincare, and other related products.

What it costs– $10/ month

My Self created box courtesy of the Birchbox lounge at NYFW Spring 13 My Self created box courtesy of the Birchbox lounge at NYFW Spring 13


The BeauteGlossy Box

What You’ll get– 5 sample size beauty products each month based on your styles and selections

What it Costs– $21/ Monthly Click here to subscribe Click here to Subscribe

The Jewelry MavenRocksbox

What You’ll Get– 3 Designer pieces of jewelry per month that you can rent for up to 60 days (and if you so desire, purchase, for 20% off retail)

What it Costs– $19/month

Click here to Read more on PUREWOW.COM Click here to Read more on PUREWOW.COM

ACCESSORIES GALORE Tighten up – Tights delivered monthly at Pique

What You’ll get– Based on your completed style quiz, a monthly selection will be mailed to you curated from a collection of designer tights and leggings.

What it costs– starting at $25/month pique-1 Bauble Bar- Monthly Jewelry Subscription- The newly launched Myntbox

What You’ll Get– Based on your completed profile, and choice of what “look” you are, you’ll receive 3-5 pieces from their designer collection per month based on your profile and preferences What it Costs– Starting at $30/month


The Natural FoodieNaturebox

What You’ll get– 5 full sized packages of healthy snacks delivered to you each month

What it costs– $19.95/ month

Love your Jam? – Did you know there at least 4 monthly club services dedicated solely to refined and specialized jams, including Deluxe Foods and Inna Jam below. Depending on your pick, you’re sure to find the perfect fit, and jam it out! Check out the list of each one, and what they offer right HERE courtesy of PureWOW INNA-jam-12-up3 Cheese Monger- Murrays Cheese Monthly Club

What You’ll Get– Depending on which membership you choose, 3 1/2 gourmet cheese varieties

What it Costs– Starting at $175 for a 4 month membership

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