Heavy Cargo: One Vest, 2 Ways

I got my Sanctuary vest when I was working at a corporate fashion office, from a random sample sale. It was one of those rare office sample sale finds, the kind you take for granted at the time. But I became quite fond of it, and started wearing it over strapless dresses and oxford shirts.

This season the cargo vest is all the hottest item to pick up. From H&M to Balmain, every designer and store brings their own take on the trend, be it army, moto, or vintage. It’s hard to stand out from the crowd, when such a cute piece is having it’s fad moment, but if you play your cards right, you’ll manage to remain stylish in an otherwise trendy moment.

Me, I am just using this as an excuse to wear my Sanctuary even more, and thanking god that for once, I didn’t shell out any cash to remain true to my look. It’s versatility makes it even more wearable, which is not helping my obsession any. Though I recently wore it several times here, and here as an added layer this winter, this time I tried to test it’s seasonal diversity.

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Cargo Vest, Sanctuary. This one is no longer available, but Sheinside.com has an awesome cargo vest in very similar style at a steal for only $24.00

White Lace Dress, H&M, $20. This is from last season, but it was so popular, they brought it back. It’s in stores now.

leopard Flats, Yosi Samra.I found this brand recently, when I went to Beverly Hills for the Lucky Fabb conference. I met Morgan, representing the brand in all her adorableness, and we lamented on the plight of the Nyc girl foot, and the never ending search for a comfortable flat we can wear while we walk, and store easily in our bag. Amazing how an 80’s secretary ritual is now a coveted find.

When she let me pick out a pair for myself I immediately went right for the leopard, and went home excited to have an awesome new pair of shoes, but skeptical of their efforts.

Seems like today, the once new idea of a rollaway “in transit” shoe is everywhere.With brands from Kushyfoot, to Gap, and store brands, there’s lots of choices but few that live up to the hype, or that you can actually wear on the city streets. But Yosi Samra has officially put an end to that search.

These were comfortable to walk in and didn’t feel like I was walking right on the ground, like some of the other ones I’ve tried, and though I didn’t have any heels to change into, they did roll up nicely right up into their perfect little dust bag.

Buy your’s here at yosisamra.com, and get to stepping… outside.

All photography by John Turck

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