Hazy Shade of Winter ~ 5 Easy & Fashionable Ways to stay Warm this Winter

Winter is usually known as the least fashionable of seasons, at least upon the common population. Puffy jackets make us look bigger then we are, extra layers are a necessity, and snow boots, while stylish, take over our outfits for a few months and don’t let go. Even in spite of sleek, belted, winter coats, and the amazing selection of winter style that is both functional and fashionable, there still remains a mental limit we put on the winter season, and how stylish it allows us to be.

But there are easy, little ways to add fashion to function, and they come in small doses of perfect winter wear. Case in point, the five details below that can help in the colder months, and add a dash of style to the chill in the air.

1. Kushyfoot Fleece Socks & Hosiery. Our favorite flats take a back burner during some of those colder months, especially for us New Yorkers, who tend to walk places, rather then go from car to house, and back again. We actually let our feet do the walking, so we have to keep those tootsies warm when it matters. And because sometimes warmth has to be sacrificed for the days when those flats just cannot remain silent in the closet, your best friend is the Kushyfoot hosiery crew socks. I know the idea of a nude sock under your jeans might seem slightly archaic, but sometimes it’s the most simplistic of details that never go out of style.

On other days, before you slip on a pair of boots, be it snow boots, cowboy, or otherwise put on a pair of  their fleece trouser socks first to add some comfort to your step. They give you total coverage without sacrificing any warmth, and the inside fleece material keeps your feet cozy and seriously comfy. Click here to enter to win a pair for yourself!

Kushyfoot Microfiber crew nude socks/knee highs  


winter #kushyfoot #winterfashion #hosiery Kushyfoot microfiber crew, $12 for 3 pair. click to see more and buy


2. Fleece Leggings. I received a pair of Agnes and Dora fleece leggings, and before receiving them, I must admit I was cynical towards their ability to stand out. Being the leggings lover that I am, I own quite a few pairs of black ones, and even though quality, shape, and material can differ, how truly unique can a pair of leggings really be? I had to eat my words almost immediately upon receiving them. The solid fleece lined leggings have several qualities that none of my other library of leggings possess. Warmth, total comfort, and zero transparency. The fleece lining allows for easy wear in the winter months and provides warmth with zero bulkiness. And unlike some other counterparts, there is no see through material.  I wore them all last week and I can say they are polar vortex approved. Check them out here, $16 in a variety of colors.



3. Sweater socks. Learn how to DIY a pair of your own over at Ecouterre.

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4. A Warm layered Wrap sweater. There is nothing better then a warm layered wrap to envelop yourself in when the weather turns cold. One of the most versatile types of fashion, it can be worn purely as a layer to provide warmth, belted for a sleeker look, or even on it’s own belted or tied around. I have several that I have worn throughout snow storms under a v neck sweater, an event wrapped with a pin for a sleeker look, or most recently, just snuggled up on my couch. There is a type for every style that suits you and whatever function you prefer, and whether cashmere, wool or just a knit, they provide a luxurious layer of warmth and style. This would be one of those times where you should definitely lay it on thick….

winter4 blue cashmere wrap, Tory Burch.( no longer available)

a open faced knit- at Oasap.com – buy it here

oasap sweaters #fashion #winterwear #winterfashion Oasap open front knit cardigan, $26 click on picture to buy yoox.com cashmere wrap, #winterfashion ALYKI cashmere Wrap-around $98 Yoox.com – click to buy


5. Knee High Socks. These are literally the perfect winter accessory. Not only do they provide, again, extra warmth when you need it, but they also add that little extra something to any outfit, and with so many versatile styles out now, they’re the perfect little way to stand out in a crowd. I stumbled upon these fair isle knit ones from H&M last month, and have paired them with literally everything since then. They are no longer available, but I adore this $12 printed pair from Topshop.



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