Halloween horror movie challenge: 31 days of scary movies

October is like a month long Christmas to horror fans. An excuse to binge watch your favorite horror movies with less judgement and reckless abandonment. But in more recent years, this has transformed into a more interactive activity. A way for people to set up a Halloween horror movie challenge for themselves, or follow various others. This year, themed lists and October scary movie challenges seem to be everywhere.

While I hate conforming to trends, as a passionate horror person, I couldn’t help myself either. So this year, I decided I’d create my own Halloween horror movie challenge.

My hubby, a 90s kid like myself, grew up with dual tape deck radios crafting his own mixtapes. I had this in mind when creating my Halloween horror movie challenge for the month of October. There’s no specific theme, or unified vibe. Instead, it’s like a mixtape, an array of some of my favorite horror movies blended together into 31 days. A mix of classics, (some that I’m seeing for the first time), and modern films that represent new ideas in horror.

There’s no theme, but like most mixtapes, there is a flow. Some movies resembling each other in subject matter are back to back. Case in point, The Wicker Man remake, and Midsommar. But like a list of songs that evoke emotions when played together, the challenge also represents a storyline. A personally curated one that’s told throughout the entire month.

Many of the films on the Halloween horror movie challenge are streaming. But because I’m old school, a lot are good old fashioned DVDS. Or rented on DVD Netflix which houses hundreds of more titles than its streaming provider. IT SENDS YOU DVDS IN THE MAIL.


Check out the challenge and my 31 days of horror below. Join and see how many you can watch. Or let me know how many of them you’ve seen!

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