Hair Today, Clear Tomorrow… Testing out Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy products w/ Duane Reade

When I was asked by Duane Reade, as one of their rockstar VIP bloggers , to try out the new product line Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy, I initially thought, here we go, another shampoo and conditioner. How am I supposed to do an accurate test of this when there is such a saturation of shampoos on the market today, not to mention the fact that I get blowouts at least twice a month.

I hit my go-to Duane Reade, (I have a few), but on this day it was my Herald Square location and went upstairs to the massive beauty and hair section, which seems to go on forever. There are so many products to choose from out there, it can be daunting, but luckily, since I knew exactly what I needed, I didn’t have to do too much research.

I found the Clear Products right away, the first on the aisle when I approached, and began checking out the goods. The bottle is a silverly metallic, and with the smooth edge of the bottle and the font, it almost appeared sleeker then the other products around it, like the cool club that you want to get into while all the other ones are trying to recruit people off the street. Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy has a few types; there’s volume enhancing, Strong Lengths, and Total Care, but based on my history, I went for the Damage and Color Repair.

I selected my purchase, and made my way home to get some clarity on Clear. Upon throwing it into my shower, and opening the bottle, I realized that not only was the bottle sleek, but the actual shampoo was also; a golden white color that almost shined in my hand.

I didn’t use that much conditioner, because I hate when my hair is too soft, but apparently I didn’t have to use much, because when all was said and done, my hair was super soft, and also, unusually free of knots and tangles.

I put my hair up in a bun, because I didn’t have the energy to straighten it (can they come out w/ a instant straightening lotion?), but I must say when I layed my head on the pillow that night, my hair was clean, soft, untangled, and smelled amazing.

That night was maybe the first time that a girl ever told a boy that they had to stay home to wash their hair and actually meant it literally… But anything for Duane Reade…  At least when I see him tomorrow, I’ll look like a million bucks. At least my hair will. And my conscious… well, that’s crystal Clear

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Hair Raising aisle at Duane Reade.. CLEAR options Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy Damage and Color Repair WARNING- TRY this at home!!!! Just a dab will do ya Softer, cleaner, stronger, smelling pretty and ready for bed! 

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