Ah St. Patricks Day… The one day a year where an Irish girl or guy, or any girl or guy can get totally smashed and behave badly and it goes mostly unnoticed, due to the mass overload of other totally smashed, behaving badly people.

I’m not a huge fan of this holiday mainly because I don’t like beer that much, and I can get drunk any night I want without 800 people stacked on top of me- But that being said, it is a beautiful day out today, and this evening, as the clock turns 6, and it’s still light out, the mass exodus from the offices to the bars will begin; a foreshadowing of bad decisions, and I-can’t-come-to-work-today- Friday morning emails to come….

For some great ideas on where to go and what to do tonight, click here

Are you a advocate for environmentally clean living, or just a lush? Wear these green items, and who knows the difference….

Green One shoulder playsuit- $55 Emerald Isle wedges- – $178

















A Fun manicure idea here

Urban Decay Glitter eyeliner- $18












Lastly, who can celebrate without a 4 leaf clover charm– Gold ones from fancy jewelry sites can cost you hundreds of dollars. Buy mine in sterling silver for $60 and put it on a long chain necklace- email me w/ interest….

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