Gotta get me Summa that… Top 10 reasons I’m excited for Summer in New York City

Now that it’s officially summer in NYC, there are a few things that are automatically implemented. As the island reaches summer, certain things take effect, like flip flop multitude, sky high heats, crowd abundance, and a mani/pedi where you won’t have to wait for the question to say you need your feet scrubbed. City streets can be a bitch. But it doesn’t  just bring grievances, it also brings major excitement in the form of ice coffees everywhere, (just prettier), outdoor concerts, food festivals, and a million other options. Although the general consensus is that you have to get OUT of the city when summer hits (I am definitely guilty of this), there is a very underrated pleasure…. Spending summer; not on a tropical island, but on the island of Manhattan.
And although I have spent many a holiday away, there is a special place in my heart for what happens to the city when everyone leaves it. It becomes quiet, peaceful, and dare I say… calm. The feeling of being calm, and  in your own world, in a small world that is usually inhabited by millions of people is a feeling that sparks exhiliration. But as a small picture kind of gal, I also get excited by the little things; the details that make summer worth sweating it out. And they are:
1) The Unveiling of the new Essie nail Polish Summer collection. Essie is by far my favorite nail polish brand, and I love seeing what new colors will be unveiled for each season. Since I tend to base my manicure/pedicures LESS on color, and more on names, it’s in that vein that I get excited to see what they come up w/, and how they manage to keep it relevant every season. With Mojito Madness, Off the Shoulder, and Bikini so Teeny just to name a few, I think they nailed it.
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2) The Highline…  As hard to believe as it was for me, up until a week ago, I had never set foot on the highline. Last week I played hooky, and spent the day doing things that normally would have been a crowded, stressful ny mess. Ah, but not on this day… On this day, we ruled the city, and I found out that I love the highline. To me, a walk on the highline just screams summer. Much more on this adventure to come……
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3) 2 words. Ice coffee. There is just something about a large ice coffee to start off a warm, city morning that can’t be replicated, and just doesn’t work any other time. My favorite is Starbucks iced venti skim latte, then Dunkin, but now that I’m also the proud owner of my Nescafe Dulce Gusto machine, I think it’s time to bring it out of the cabinet, and buy a box of skinny iced cappucino capsules to rechristen my machine, my thirst, and of course.. duh… summer.
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4)  Summer collaborations. Trina turk w/ Banana republic, Malia Mills for Kate spade, and that doesn’t even count the countless diffusion lines, and designer lines for target, macys, on and on….
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5) New Trends for Summer. Bright, Hot colors, like neon green, and pink are HOT, HOT, HOT. printed one piece bathing suits. Even if you are not a stylista, there are a million and 1 reasons to dress up this summer.
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6) Summer hair. Lets face it. Summer hair can be ridiculous, especially on an island filled with humidity, buildings, and millions of people. Also especially when you’re someone like me that has enough hair on their head to make wigs for a small village. But the saving grace, is a million ideas on how to wear your hear when the temps soar… How about some ideas from Josie Maran? Or a fishtail braid?  Also, there are a million products out there for damaged hair, frizz, repair, but just in time for the summer, is a new product specifically for those like me, who desperately need to repair their hair when the temperatures get hair raising. It’s called Clear Scalp &  Hair therapy. I discovered it while doing a story for Duane Reade and only after a few uses, my hair already feels stronger.
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7) Outdoor Yoga. I won’t lament that much longer on all the reasons I love NYC, you guys already know my emotions run deep. But one of my much spoken about reasons, is there are just certain things that define living in NY. Being able to sit in the middle of Bryant Park, being zen, and doing yoga with 300 other people, while all around me, the buzz and hustle of the city continues; well those are just little gems that I live for. Only in Ny, and only in summer.
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8) True Blood returns. Another exciting sign that summer  has officially arrived. My favorite show comes back for more. Everything else might be repeats, but HBO still has stuff you can sink your teeth into.
9) Surf Taco in rockaway beach. One of my most favorite ways to spend a summer day is going out to Rockaway Beach, and chilling at Surf Taco. This little hut serves the most amazing fish tacos, usually has a street long line, and is so unassuming, and special, I’m surprised it’s still somewhat off the radar. Not really; it’s pretty popular, but it’s also still in Rockaway. I’ll change my mind if I hear that one is opening in Madison Square Park, next to Shake Shack.
Instead of Surfing the Web, SURF TACO

10) ummm DUH- THE BEACH!!!!!

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