Going through Changes

Everyone is doing it these days- Jennifer Aniston, Kate Winslet, yes sometimes, we all just need a fresh change.  And you know how that new, fresh haircut can just make a bad day feel good, a maybe less confident feeling be replaced by grandeur, and even though we know once we wash it, that feeling might fade, it still feels good none the less. I get very bored very easily with looks, and styles. In the past when I was younger, this would usually involve dying or cutting my hair, or piercing something. Well, at 30 there is nothing left of value to pierce, if anything I should be letting most of them close up now, but that’s another story, and finally after years and years as a full, or highlighted blond, I have finally learned how to embrace the color I was born with. So dying and piercing are out. And every few years, when I feel myself going through a change, I consider making a drastic move of Felicity proportions. But I don’t look like Keri Russell, and visions, make that nightmares of batmitzvah days passed dance in my head, and I cringe as images of a Ellen degeneres haircut linger in my thoughts. I always want to make a big change, but my long hair has been by my side for quite a few years now, and I don’t think I could bare to do it- not at this juncture- but who knows, maybe the next time I get restless, the change will finally see the light of day.

So , instead, I decided to get bangs- A decision that seems to have brought half compliments, half curiosity and confusion about “Just what it is I did, do to my hair?!”, and then some, like boyfriends who tell me they liked it better when they could see my face. Well, what does he know.

If you’re not as ready or daring and in the mood for a change, there are other ways to quench that thirst for something different.

1.      Change your hairdo – If you always wear it down, put it in a cute pony, or chignon, and if you always wear it up, try it down or wear a cute hat- get some ideas here

Bow trim straw hat- Miss selfridges.com- $28.79

2.      Change your look — Sure, maybe preppy and classic is usually how you roll, but maybe switch it up this weekend, and go a little sexier than usual, that top you got at Bloomingdales that still has the tags on it, b/c you’re not sure quite where and how to wear it- well, this weekend- cut the cord- or the tags, so to speak – you’ll be happy you did. Or if you’re a downtown girl, try a clean, classic look

3.      Get a tan – I know its politically incorrect to tell you to go and get some UV rays on yourselves, as much like rays of sunshine, the happiness is fleeting – But, I’m also someone who fully believes in telling it like it is, and the simple truth is, well all love how we look tan – each and every one of us, just about. You feel better, you feel thinner, you feel healthier, and since it’s better to stay healthier in the bigger picture, why not go for a spray tan, or try out one of the better tinted moisturizers on the market— And when you get asked where you went, Just smile and say Florida.

Like the phrase goes, change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change. So sometimes when we are feeling in a rut, and really need to do something to make ourselves feel better, but don’t want to be impulsive, sometimes re-looking at our own backyard is the furthest you need to go.

As for me, I still haven’t broken out the box of clips and barettes, which is a record for me, but I’m sure the internal timer is ticking down.

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