Going out with a Bang, and a Tan… Adventures in Puerto Rico, New Years Eve 2011

Yes, I know. I’m not a food blogger, I’m a style blogger. But food bloggers still have to wear clothes right; so in that token, style bloggers still have to eat. And since I have grown accustomed to taking pictures of… well, pretty much everything, it only seems right that I chronicle not only my adventures in fashion, life, and love, but also in eating. Sometimes it annoys my fellow diners that they have to wait to eat, as I pull out my camera, setting up my shots of whatever deliciously artistic grub waits in front of me, but I know they don’t mind later, when looking bath at mouth-watering pictures.

When I went to Turkey and Greece this summer I not only documented my travels, I documented my food. A lot of it… From the street, off a boat, from a stand. I do not discriminate… And I frequently chronicle my adventures through New York City dining, (which I will soon condense into a new feature called Island Fare).

This past New Years Eve I went to Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. It wasn’t an exotic locale, and to be very frank here, the resort, while 5 star left a LOT to be desired (but much more on that later), but as soon as we stopped eating at the hotel, and ventured into more locale cuisine is when the real fun began…..  In cases like this, it’s much better to dine with the islanders, and in this case, I was the visitor, not the native.

Our very first meal at the Wyndham Rio Mar- fondue Puerto Rican style – Puerto Rican Waffles Seafood cups from La Parilla, one of our favorite restaurants- kiosk # 2 on the strip

Now that’s what I call…. LOCAL 

A wedding reception danced through the restaurant as we dined…

I never ate a Fish stuffed with ANOTHER fish before… 

Fresh Ceviche with just the right amount of kick

Authenticity mixed in with a bit of tourism at the El Yunque Rainforest


Our favorite meal

Going Nuts…. or COCO….


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