Girl Talk~ Deciphering Style on Hbo's 'GIRLS'…

GIRLS, Hbo Sundays..

My new favorite obsession began by accident, when it was suggested to me, that “we should watch that show, Girls, you’ll like it”. I didn’t even understand what it was, or why I would want to watch anything trying to be like a younger sex and the city.

I love Girls. It’s our Sunday ritual. And I actually think about it. And I find myself visibly agreeing with a tv screen, and the better it gets, the more I like it. One of the best things about it is how it couldn’t possibly be less like Sex and the City, and obviously knew that from the start.

There are no snappy carrie one liners, (although Hannah’s self deprecating, occasionally loathing and never apologetic conversations sometimes come close), no lofts in Soho (only parties in Brooklyn Lofts), and NO GUCCI, FENDI, PRADA, or of course, BLAHNIK.

But the more I watch, and the more I care about the Girls once a week for half an hour, I’ve realized the one thing they do have in common. The most obvious thing staring me right in the face: The GIRLS. Everyone is  “a carrie”, (like myself), “a Sam”, “a Miranda”, and “a Charlotte.”

And there is that same capacity for girls to relate to these characters in the same way. YOu never know what someone is feeling when they’re watching their tv show. They might not wear designer duds, or have fancy hair cuts, but each character on the show has their own unique style, look, and character within the story.

You have your preppy good girl in Marnie. She would call herself the Charlotte. She dated the nice guy for 5 years, because she should, and she prides herself on saying, and doing the right thing. She looks perfect. But of course we all know she’s not…..

Jessa’s the Wild card. The cool one, she is, in my opinion, the best dressed of the crew. She does what she wants, including sleeping w/ her now attached ex, and seducing a guy to hook up with her while she’s supposed to be at her own abortion. Carrie would be appalled. And yet, through her morally deviant attitude there is something likeable about her. A little girl lost innocence that she is just dying to let out while drunk in some future episode.

Shoshana is the goody two-shoes. The virgin, who is always well kept, and wears matching bra and undies with bows on them, while begging the guy she’s hooking up with to have sex with her, instead of what he’s doing instead. She’s awkward but cute, and ready to get laid.

And of course there’s Hannah. The glue. The mastermind behind the entire show, and everything that comes out of every character’s mouth. Ah, but that is Lena Dunham. NOT Hannah, who unfortunately is not quite as successful. Like Carrie, she’s a writer, but unlike Carrie, she does not have a column in the Observer, but instead works for free as an intern, and loses a job interview due to a last minute slip of the tongue.  She longs, like so many, for the one she can’t have, and then, like so many, degrades herself to get closer to him. Her style can be loosely described as hipster, and messy, she’s uncouth, and scattered, but her character is definitely unique.

Personally, I’m not sure Im “a “, any of them, and can’t say that I fully relate to any one girl but I think there might be a little bit of all of them inside me. I can be preppy, hippie, a free-spirit, or uptight, innocent, and bad, and all of us, at some point, whether it be characters on a show, or real life, wonder who they really are.

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