Girl on the Train Style

Girl on the train, the highly anticipated film adaptation of the best selling, sexy thriller arrives in theaters Friday. Although I read the book a while ago, movie buff that I am, the excitement for the film has been building. And also making me think about trains. Growing up in Manhattan, I would frequently take the Long Island Railroad, or the lirr as I like to call it (L.I.R.R.) to Long Island to visit my dad. Now, as the wife to be of a Long Island boy, and a car-less city couple, the train has become a huge part of our lives. Our connector to family; a ritual that tells us we’re headed for some kind of celebration, or maybe just a simple weekend visit. Either way, that train ride starts, and your stylish escape from the city begins. As I continue to perfect my own real life role as the (part time) girl on the train, I await Emily Blunt’s version with high hopes.

girl-on-a-train-1 I’ve been waiting, for a train like you….. girl-on-a-train-4 Sunday morning catchup into the city



girl-on-a-train lady in red on the LIRR

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