Girl on a Wedge

Late last week, I wrote my story for Fly&Mighty,’s blog, on the MIGHTY¬†resurgence of the wedge. But for this Spring ’12, it comes back in a new trendy form. In addition to all those sandals, and boots, the Wedge sneaker is back like crack.

Which you can walk on… many of them in fact… all along the sidewalk, without thinking and concentrating so hard because you’re afraid your 4 inch stiletto heels might topple you to the ground. Considering I am always afraid of the latter, this is definitely a trend I can’t wait to partake in. Especially since I’ve been waiting for wedge sneakers to come back into style, ever since high-school, when a 5 foot red-head with a lot of insecurities about her height used to wear sneakers that had such a high platform, they were commonly referred to as nurses shoes..

I could only purchase them from places like Hot Topic, and Sugar, and small mall boutiques, and my style was misunderstood for so many long years, that I am almost slightly sentimental about this trend actually being considered stylish.

At 30, I have finally become comfortable with my stature, so flats fill my closet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pretend not to be for a few months…..

MARC BY MARC JACOBS Canvas and leather wedge sneakers On sale for $147.50

My Old School Fornarina wedge sneakers that I have recently taken out of retirement… and hibernation….. My new favorite going out shoe, and my feet don’t hurt at the end of the night.


Wear your own pair this weekend; maybe w/ a pair of skinny jeans when you go to check out the new Sam Worthington movie, Man on a Ledge…


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