Back to School Skin Care & Beauty Giveaway with Dermaflage and Worryless

It’s almost back to school season and in just 2 short weeks, kids everywhere will sigh heavilly as they step back into those classrooms. Parents will be somewhat put at ease, and as laid back summer comes to a close, routine life goes back to normal. It’s the perfect time to work on your back to school skin care and start to worry less… literally. Worryless is an actual anti frown line product that fills and conceals fro wn lines between your eyebrows instantly! To celebrate the season, a big skincare and beauty giveaway that includes both Worrlyess and Dermaflage, the first at home cosmetic product that functions as a second skin to fully cover scars that may be on the face or body. 


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Worryless is like the magic of movie makeup, but from right at home. It erases worry lines and uses medical grade silicone to simulate skin. Recommended, and developed by Hollywood makeup and special effect artists, it’s an A+ product for A Listers  — and now it’s for you! 


Upon application, the silicone transforms from a liquid to a flexible rubber-like consistency, which simulates skin.  It seamlessly fills in the deep crevices and because it is translucent, allows your skin to shine through.  The result is perfectly smooth, realistic looking skin. Find out more about how Worryless works here


WorryLess is:  Waterproof –Non-irritating Non-invasive-Clinically and dermatologist tested- Allergy tested



dermaflage, worryless, beauty giveaway, skincare, skin care, back to school, back to school skin care

Dermaflage helps to fill and conceal face and body scars caused by acne, surgery, injuries, or otherwise. The beauty application is the first at home cosmetic of it’s kind that acts as a second skin, helping to cover scars and imperfections. It fills and conceals recessed areas,  letting natural pigment shine through, and is waterproof for up to 36 hours.  

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