Get The Look ~ 3 DIY Halloween Costumes with Duane Reade Legwear

If you read Style Island, then you know that we’re already well into the holiday spirit over here. I recently wrote about that spirit, and how I was getting creative with Dr Leg wear  and some D.I.Y. Halloween costumes. The three ideas, and looks I pulled together, using 80% items out of my own closet were Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffanys), Cat Woman and Margo Tenenbaum, played by Gwenyth Paltrow in one of my favorite films. If you don’t know who that is.. look it up. and you should. I love halloween costumes that you don’t have to spend money on, especially since I grew up with a mom who made my costumes every year until I was in the double digits.

See below for an easy way to recreate each look. All Duane Reade legwear featured is available at your local store, between $7.99 and $9.99.

Need some more inspiration? Head over to IFB for project #117, and view lots of different interesting ideas and pictures, including this post!


Get the Look Halloween DIY with DR Legwear
Get the Look- Halloween DIY costume - Cat Woman

Zara bermuda shorts $50

Get the Look - halloween DIY costume - Margo Tenenbaum

Fake fur coat, $110
Have your OWN ideas for a Halloween Costume using DR Leg wear? Check out Duane Reade’s Bootiful Legs Leg wear Candy contest to upload your own pics, and enter for a chance to win $500 in prizes.

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