How to Get Your Style Back After Time off

We all go through periods when we lose touch with our own sense of style. Sometimes, it’s after recovering from a physical or mental condition that has taken you out of your normal routine or life. While you might feel better, for whatever the reason, readapting to your old life, or habits might prove itself more difficult in some cases. When you are ready to get your style back, or dip your toes into fashion again, you might even feel like a different person in some ways. Perhaps you don’t care as much as you did before, or maybe you care more. But though it may take a moment to regain your style confidence, once you’re ready to face the world again, you’ll be able to do it strongly and stylishly.

Ready to get back to being you and get your style and confidence back? Follow along for a few tips below.



Get used to any Changes in Your Body 

Some people find that they lose their fashion-forward thinking after losing or gaining a significant amount of weight. But this also happens after a period of low confidence and depression too. As a result, your body shape might now be completely different to what you are used to, or you might simply have forgotten how to dress for your body shape. In this case, you need to spend a considerable amount of time getting used to your shape and type of body. That way, you can start to reassess what cuts of clothes and patterns now suit you.


Get Into A Normal (and Fashionable) Routine

It’s important to get back into a normal routine as best as possible. It may have been a difficult time to go shopping, or peruse online shops. But now, you’re back in the swing of things, and getting back to routine is important; even when it includes fashion. Start browsing sites like to see the new trends and styles that came out while you were taking a break. You’ll find your personal style coming back in no time.




Enlist Professional Help if Necessary

There are people who can help you look good again in no time at all. Go to if you want to use cosmetic techniques to boost your body confidence. Or on a different note, reach out to a personal shopper or stylist. They can give you the lowdown on all the latest trends. Most shoppers and stylists will take you out shopping with them and advise you on what to wear for different occasions and social events.

Take Some Risks

There’s no better time to take some risks, so if you’re feeling up to it, start experimenting with new trends and ideas. Not only can it be therapeutic, but will also help you figure out what looks good on you now, and what you should leave behind. The most important thing is finding looks that make you feel good. Regardless of what that style might entail, look for what will improve your confidence and happiness and then try it on for size.


At the end of the day, you now have a big excuse to go shopping for some new clothes!