13 Ways to get out of a style rut

It’s easy for things to become routine in life. We get so used to wearing the same colors, shapes, and patterns that it becomes habit. But there are ways to get out of a style rut and sometimes, even give yourself a new lease on life.

Let’s explore some ways to get out of a style rut and find inspiration for your next look.

get out of a style rut

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1. Experiment with different styles

One of the best ways to get out of a style rut is to experiment with different styles. You don’t have to completely change your look, but it does mean trying new things. 

For example, if you’re used to wearing classic, preppy clothing, try experimenting with bohemian or rock-inspired looks. The key is to push yourself out of your comfort zone and see what works and what does not.

2. Get inspiration from others

Another great way to break out of a style rut is to get inspiration from others. Scroll Instagram accounts, study artists, and look for inspiration in places you wouldn’t normally.

Everything is a possible source of style inspiration so don’t limit yourself.

3. Shop secondhand

Shopping for clothes or accessories at secondhand stores can be a great way to get out of a style rut. You can find unique and one-of-a-kind items that you wouldn’t find at a regular store, and it can get you thinking differently about fashion. It’s also more sustainable and budget-friendly.

4. Analyze the looks of other

Quite often, when we are out and about, we will notice someone who dresses really well. We can use these moments of inspiration to get out of our own style rut- not by imitating, but by analyzing what makes their style work.

get out of a style rut

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5. Read more widely

It’s a good idea to start reading more widely. Decor magazines, blogs about crafting, novels about stylish people through the ages. It can all provide you with new ideas for your own style.

6. Wear your clothes differently

Wearing your clothes in a different way than you usually would is a simple way to get out of a rut and find new fashion ideas. For example, if you always wear your crisp white shirt with jeans for a smart casual look, try wearing it over a patterns catsuit or under a pinafore dress, or if you always wear your little black dress with heals and a pashmina, try wearing it with ballet shoes and a denim jacket for a different look. 

Again, not all of your experiments will work, but if you play around with mixing and matching the different pieces you have in your wardrobe, you are sure to hit upon gold now and again, and more importantly, you will be forced to get out of your style rut.

7. Focus on building your best body

If you tone up, lose weight, practice skincare, or even check find out how much is breast implants and make a change in that area, then your new, improved shape, clearer skin, or whatever, will give you natural inspiration to try new styles because you will be better able to pull them off. I’m all about feeling comfortable in the skin you’re in, but sometimes, you really do need to make a change to get that confidence back and in doing so, you can break out of your style rut too.

8. Attend fashion shows

Attending local fashion shows and events can be a huge source of inspiration. The outfits you see on the catwalk are often pretty extreme- but they all contain elements that you can take inspiration from.

9. Look at old family photos

It can also be an excellent source of style inspiration.

Fashion comes and goes in cycles. Use your mom’s fashion sense (if she had one), or a grandmother’s – to get inspired by your own modern style. Especially, because, like I said, everything old is new again.

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10. Cut your hair

Cutting and coloring your hair can make you look totally different. When that happens, it can also spur new fashion senses.

When your hair changes, so can your style, so it is always worth getting the chop or trying out a new color if you need some inspiration.

11. Get your colors done

Getting your colors done is a simple process. An expert will look at your hair, eye and skin color and work out which shades on the color wheel really suit you and enhance your natural appearance.

Not only can it give you new inspiration, but it can also ensure that, no matter what you wear, you will always look amazing. Many department stores offer color analysis services, but if that is not the case you can find experts online. They look at photos of you, and can discern and advise what you should wear.

12. Check out new fashion labels

If you are someone who always shops in the same stores and wears the same brands, simply taking the time to check out new fashion labels you’ve never tried , can get out of your style rut.

13. Spend some time in nature

Nature is filled with it’s own inspiration – so get out of the house and go spend some time outdoors. It’s a surefire way to ignite your imagination. Just remember to take a notebook to jot down your ideas.

As you can see, if you find yourself in a style rut, there are lots of different things you can do to break out of it and refresh your style in a way that works for you.

So, what are you waiting for?

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