Funny GIRLS~ Girls Season 2 ~ Get the Look~ Which Girl Are You?


If only judging from the Season 2 Premiere of Girls a few days ago, it would appear that the four girls have grown up, and like the tagline says, are getting it together…. at least a little bit.

We’ve grown to care for, think about, judge, and wonder about these four characters, and tonight at 9pm, butts will be planted on the couch, and eyes will be glued to the screen as everyone anticipates their next moves. And it’s not only their characters that evoke this reaction. The girls themselves, who all, in their own right have risen to superstardom seem to have elevated their style as well. And each one has a defining style and character that distinguishes them. This proves to be true, even in real life, as they all made their way to the Season 2 Premiere earlier this week. So, Which GIRL are youGirls season 2 Premiere- Jemima- Which Girl are YOU

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