Fun hot Weather Trends to Wear This Summer

Spring may be a fickle one this year but before we know it, everyone will be complaining about the heat and humidity. Never a people to ever fully be happy with the season we’re in, all the while getting excited about the next one. This of course includes planning fun activities, maybe a vacation, and most importantly, a whole new set of summer looks, and styles. If your mind isn’t quite there yet, here are some hot weather trends for summer to get your body inspired.

Brilliant Colors. 

There have been veritable sightings of rainbows in the brightest and most dazzling fashion on runways so far this year. Girls aren’t afraid this year to step it up into truly bold hues this year. Green has been important this season, but by far the biggest, trendiest, and most popular color recently has been pink. In all its shades.


Chunky outerwear

We need to be a bit more versatile with our outerwear when dealing with those awkward ‘in-between’ seasons. Especially the one that comes before it gets super hot, super fast. Cozy outerwear like silk bombers might be in their last throes of being in-season so get as much use from yours before you have that tearful goodbye as we welcome warmer weather.

A splash of denim

Denim really never goes OUT of style, does it? But while denim itself never goes away, the way we use it to express ourselves certainly does. Fads go from skinny jeans, to bell-bottoms, and back again. This season one of the biggest ways to wear our denim was with perfectly, pre-made holes, and massive patch work. For those who really know how to work style, it can also be a fun fashion idea figuring out just how to wear denim on denim. 


Cool Stripes 

Again, for some, certain stripes, like a Parisian style top will never go out of style. This latest season, stripes of all kinds were seen on the runways ranging from mixed directions, to rainbow patterns and mini-pinstripes. Yes, in some cases horizontal stripes can make you look wider. One of the easiest ways to combat this is just by learning how to wear them properly. For one, tucking into an A line, solid skirt is a good way to fix a once unflattering stripe on top.

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Graphic Tops 

Even guys are getting in on the graphic tees rising trend more than ever before. It’s never been more popular to say what’s on your mind through your style. Even luxury brands in recent years have gotten in on the act too. But no matter your budget, or your opinion, there is a graphic tee out there for you. This summer, wear your heart, your style, and your opinion on your sleeve.

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Meet or get reacquainted with your feminine side. 

As mentioned above, pink is king right now. As part of that, a rise in various tones, blushes, and even florals has emerged with it. Fashion seems to be telling us to ‘put your femininity out there’, whether it’s with pinks, ruffles, or showing off our shoulders. And it would also appear, we’re listening.

Festival Style 

Summer is the season of music festivals, as we all know. These days, there is no place filled with more eclectic, or trendier style than a music festival. Finding one almost certainly means experimental fun with summer styles including braided hairstyles, mirrored sunglasses, graphic tees, bold accessories, and the list goes on.


A Shirt Dress 

One item that is perfect for early summer is a classic shirt-dress. It’s classic and elegant, but also practical and usually easy for any body type to wear. The best part is how versatile they can be, getting easily dressed up, or played down. After all, one of the best parts of style is being able to play with it.

Leggings galore

Leggings are here to stay. No matter what certain airlines might have to say on the matter. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the trend is going to stop evolving either, with micro-trend defining leggings still riding strong into Spring. If plain leggings as pants aren’t your thing, try pairing them with a mini dress, or even shorts.

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